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One smart squirrel

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:54 PM

I enjoy watching birds and squirrels out our back picture window. We have two bird feeders plus a squirrel feeder in the back yard. One day while I was watching, I noticed that one particular squirrel was taking kernels of corn one by one and burying them in various places throughout the yard. That squirrel instinctively knew to prepare for leaner times.

We humans should be so wise. If so, we would have far fewer financial troubles. When things are going well we shouldn't spend all of our income or take on unnecessary debt. Consumer debt is especially dangerous. Consumer debt is debt for items that decrease in value and are non-essential to living, such as newer furniture, a nicer car, expensive vacations or entertainment.

Instead, we should be like that squirrel, and regularly take a portion of our income and set it aside for the future when unexpected bills, illness or lay-offs might come. Rather than paying monthly interest on our debt, we'll be earning interest from the bank.

Then, like that smart squirrel, we'll be better prepared to weather the difficult seasons life brings our way.

The Rev. Todd Froehlich is pastor at Hartland Center Community Church.

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