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OUR VIEW - The good, the bad and the informed

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:51 PM

It's been a very rough few weeks for pet owners both locally and nationwide. Estimates from the Veterinary Information Network say tainted pet food has cost more than 100 animals their lives, with reports of more deaths expected to keep pouring in. The scare continues to chill the blood of pet owners, as they imagine having to make the tough choices that come when an animal is in suffering.

A rat poison, which has likely caused kidney failure in more than 500 animals,somehow got into 95 name-brand "cuts and gavy" style pet foods, made by Menu Food of Ontario, Canada. The top pet food manufacturer in North America has no ideas how the poison got into its food but it is "continuing aggressively" to seek answers. Thus far, the company has accepted responsibility for the deaths of only 15 cats and one dog.

A large class-action lawsuit is sure to follow and with good reason. For many, a pet is more than simply an animal it is a member of the family. Many families will be devastated by the needless loss of their beloved cats and dogs.

However, there are good things happening for animals as well especially locally.

North Coast Greyhound Connection had a meet and greet last week at Norwalk's Tractor Supply Co. and showed about 20 greyhounds to the public. The work of this organization helps find many new homes for the retired racing dogs. They serve an important function by getting the public information about this breed because these dogs are often thought to belong only at the track when they can, in fact, make excellent pets.

We hope that, with the information now getting out to the public, the numbers of pet deaths don't climb, while the number of greyhound adoptions do.

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