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OUR VIEW - Snake eyes: Gambling has few supporters

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

Ohio voters' have hit the jackpot at least on the issue of gambling. Rather than have a government that ignores the clear will of its citizens, Gov. Ted Strickland has followed the voters' lead and taken a hard-line stance against gambling.

In November, voters overwhelmingly shot down a proposal to allow slot machines at the state's seven race tracks. At issue recently have been video game consoles found at some bars and restaurants that work like slot machines with potential payouts.

The debate focused on whether these video machines were so-called "games of skill," rather than luck Ohio's gambling law only permits the former. Strickland cut the issue off at the knees and said the state should ban any cash payments or prizes worth more than $10, and limit the total to $600 per player.

Some anti-gambling groups argue Strickland does not go far enough, focusing on the payout instead of simply banning the machines. However, we think Strickland's stance on the issue is crystal clear. Like Ohio voters, he has told the gambling lobby that they have few friends here and their attempts to expand gambling are bound to fail.

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