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OUR VIEW - Plenty of ways to enjoy self in city

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:47 PM

The part of the Norwalk community that has, in the past, complained about the lack of activities or entertainment options in the city cannot complain. Over the weekend, the new owners of the Norwalk Theatre, Teresa and Steve LaFountain, had to cancel Gospel singer Chris Adams' concert the second event they were forced to cancel because of poor ticket sales since taking ownership late last year.

While the LaFountains admit they should have marketed their events a little better, they deserve praise for trying to bring new life to the theater especially when no one else locally was willing to do it. And, frankly, the problems with attendance cannot be blamed completely on poor marketing by the LaFountains.

If those seeking local entertainment options want more choice, they must support what we have. Organizations such as the Firelands Symphony Orchestra, which has given Norwalk a regular spot on its schedule of concerts, the Norwalk Theatre and Premiere Theatre and events such as the Maple City Heritage Festival and Park and Rec's Ladies Re-"Treat," set for Mother's Day weekend, need to thrive if the city wants to keep them and entice more entertainers and event planners to wade into the Norwalk market.

If nothing appeals to you, that's fine. You are free to make the drive to Sandusky, Cleveland or Toledo. No one has an obligation to support theses organizations and events just don't complain that "there's nothing to do in Norwalk."

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