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OUR VIEW - New fair lineup a real winner; board lauded

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:52 PM

The Huron County Fair made a major decision last year when it decided to scrap harness racing a longtime favorite at the annual summertime event.

But like everything else, times have changed. As interest in racing dwindled, talk of scrapping the event got louder. It earned a reprieve last year, but this winter by a vote of the fair directors it was put out to pasture for good.

The fair put its proverbial neck on the line.

In its place this year, country performer Rodney Adkins took over the grandstand Monday night and played in front of a sellout crowd the first time anyone in charge could remember that happening.

Tuesday night was the ever-popular cheer competition and Wednesday the OSTPA Tractor Pull filled the stands.

The 86th Huron County Fair has been a huge success. Mother Nature gets a tip of the hat because the weather has been near perfect, except for a few sprinkles Wednesday night.

One setback was a case of the swine flu among several pigs earlier in the week. But it was caught early and all of the pigs at the fair were given flu shots as a preventative measure and the fair went on without missing a beat. Swine Superintendent Don Verhoff jumped right on the situation and took care of the problem.

There also were three injuries during Thursday night's ATV races, which always are a concern.

Running the fair is a big job and there are hundreds of people behind the scenes that should get the credit.

Congratulations on another job well done, and see you Saturday night at the demolition derby.

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