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OUR VIEW - County full of great people

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:48 PM

You hear all the time that Huron County has a host of amazing people doing great things to build a tight-knit, caring community.

It's an easy, clichd line that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside, like the thought of puppy dogs, kittens and grassy meadows. But, the thing is, it's really true. In the world of journalism we try to have cold hard facts and evidence to present before making such statements. Well, the evidence will be presented Monday in the Reflector's final Firelands Insights edition People.

Reporters scoured the county for interesting stories about people, but they didn't have too look hard, because Huron County is filled with wonderful people. Some folks told courageous stories about battling illness. Others, inspirational accounts of reaching a goal through hard work and determination. Still other residents shared tales of outreach work that has made Huron County a better place to live. We're willing to bet that even the most hardened cynics will be hard pressed not to feel their hearts warm just a little.

The Reflector also will announce 0n Monday the recipient of its first "Citizen of the Year" award. All the nominees were worthy candidates and it was a difficult decision to pick just one. We hope the award will become an annual feature and we can continue to delve into the untold stories of Huron County.

Look for the Insights edition in Monday's Reflector for more details on the people we are proud to profile.

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