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OUR VIEW - BMV should be able to retest some drivers

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:52 PM

Getting a driver's license in Ohio is a little bit like joining a fraternity or the mafia. It might be hard to get in, but once you're in, you're in for life.

Okay, you have to take a vision test every so often.

Which is a good thing you don't have to do even that much in West Virginia or Kentucky. Apparently, vision doesn't deteriorate in more southern latitudes. Or maybe it's that those states don't see vision as important when it comes to one's ability to safely pilot an automobile.

Still, in the state of Ohio, if you pass a vision test, the BMV can retest only if a family member or doctor narcs on you (they can't do so anonymously) and claims there's a medical reason you shouldn't be on the road. Otherwise, there's pretty much no way for the BMV to make you prove you can parallel park, no matter how many people you've injured, maimed or killed.

In Michigan, on the other hand, a reexamination can be required for the following reasons: a physical or mental condition that impairs the ability to drive safely; involvement in three or more crashes resulting in injury or property damage during the last two years; involvement in a fatal accident; accruing 12 or more points on a driving record; conviction of violating the terms, restrictions or conditions of the driver's license.

Now we're not trying to take anyone's license away. It just seems reasonable to expect the BMV to retest anyone who's plowed through a building or a gaggle of pedestrians assuming they aren't filming Lethal Weapon VII.

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