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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:48 PM

Toast Jeffrey M. Murray, the Norwalk native and Sharon Township Firefighter, who died Tuesday when responding to a call during extreme, adverse weather conditions. Murray, 40, was described as having "the most positive attitude that you could have." We truly respect those first responders who willingly risk their lives every day to protect and serve their communities. Our deepest condolences to all who knew Murray.

Roast the media's coverage of Anna Nicole Smith. Even as the general public says it is tired of the story and incessant coverage, the media continues to shove it down people's throats. Many, especially in the media, are concerned about recent polls indicating young people have an unhealthy fascination with being rich and famous we in the media need to look in the mirror and admit our own sense of responsibility for helping to perpetuate such a culture.

Toast the efforts of city and county road crews. The crews were out in full force from the moment the powerful winter storm descended upon the area and continued to be a constant presence through Thursday, finally able to make the roads completely passable, despite the difficult conditions.

Roast Mother Nature for dumping feet of snow and ice on Ohio and other Midwest and Northeaster states. We seem to be harping on the weather a lot lately, but not only did the storm disrupt most businesses for two days (and on a big commercial day like Valentine's Day), it also caused at least five deaths in the state. We hope the worst is over at least until the temperatures hit triple-digits and we literally roast from Mother Nature.

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