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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:52 PM

Twilight Gardens

For craft class, residents were coloring beautiful panels with printed scenes on them. Some with birds, mushrooms, lighthouse and flowers. They are working very hard to make them look as beautiful as they can be.

For bingo, residents had a group of children from the First Baptist Youth Group come to help and play. Marietta N. won three times, Mike, volunteer, won twice. Ellery from the youth group won two times.

"Do the watermelon crawl, ya'll!" Residents tried to roll their watermelon the farthest. Stewart Bowlin, Dale Figley and Dawn Nutter rolled theirs the farthest, almost into the kitchen. Next, came Bill Nestor and Zella Kohler tied for second. Leona and Nadina W. third, Mary Patrick fourth. Finally Faith M. came in fifth. Afterwards they enjoyed fresh melon salad and conversation.

Rosemary Bellamy and Robin Bleile held a communion service for residents. Harold Zimmerman and Marlene Ward led the reciting of the rosary. "What would you do?" residents gathered around our activity table to discuss different topics of what residents would do during different situations. The Rev. George came and conducted a church service last Sunday; residents sang hymns and enjoyed fellowship.

Residents took a bus to Fremont to watch a vintage baseball game. It was the Spiegel Grove Squires vs. Great Black Swamp Frogs.

The Squires stomped the frogs 18-19. Marlene Ward's son Randy and her grandson Justin played on the Squires team. They came over and said hello and helped the group load to head back, and on the way back to Norwalk the group stopped and had an ice cream cone thanks to Marlene Ward.

For bingo Zella Kohler won the special game which was an "X." Phyllis S. and Linda D. won two games along with Ron, Zella's brother. The Baton Academy twirlers came and wowed and awed us to pieces with their talented youngsters. "We really enjoyed them," said one resident. They had little tots to young adult girls performing.

Fair days are always the best thing about the summer and some of the Twilight staff and two bus loads full of residents got to go out to the fair to enjoy the food, games and looking around all the barns and animals. King and queen nominees were June Brown and John Beldon.

As residents walked around the fair, some of them could smell the different foods being cooked all around them, and some knew right away what food they smelled.

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