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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:51 PM

Twilight Gardens

Barbra Wurzel a communion distributor from St. Paul Catholic Church held a communion for residents. Reciting the rosary followed.

Boy has it been hot and humid lately, but sometimes you just have to get outside and go for a little walk, well that's what some of the residents did. Luke also went on this walk.

There was an usual crowd for bingo, even with it being a Friday, everyone always enjoys it. Florence Silcox, Faith Mienke and Nadina Wanshula all won twice. Emma won three times. Nadina and Linda won the special game where you had to have a picture frame to win.

Residents had a discussion group and Zella Kohler remembers a long time ago when her grandpa used to mix kerosene and cream together as a remedy for croup. Florence remembers "mustard plaster" for colds.

Iverna came to play the organ during coffee break. Everyone enjoys when she comes to play. The Rev. Margaret D'Anieri of St. Paul Episcopal Church held a communion service for residents.

Over the weekend activities assistant Donna and some residents went down to the plant room and transplanted some four or five overcrowded African violets, and ended up with about 35 new plants.

Chapel friends, Joyce O, gave a message on the most common command in the Bible which is "do not fear God is with us." Dessie Mae was a fearful person in a wheelchair. She was scared of what happened to her. Donna Mae didn't sympathize with her and had her read her favorite Psalm "23," and asked her to remember what it says and to read it again. Donna Mae shared one of her experiences with the prayer of God, with the group.

Residents had a large group down for bingo. Leah and Ken sang and she played the piano for the first half hour. Emma Butler won three times at bingo last Tuesday, while Phyillis S., Nadina W., and Zella K. all won twice. Ray won the special game where you had to have a double bingo to win. Marietta N. won twice and attended for the first time.

Residents went to the Willard Park to listen to a folk singer. She was very funny and enjoyable. Residents all had a great time even though there was a threat that it might rain at any time.


Irish Cream, raspberry, vanilla and caramel are the flavors of choice every morning for coffee along with maple twists and donuts. On July 30, residents reminisced with a game of "Remember When." In the afternoon, Clark Fisher joined Kenny Root, Julius Herics and Anna Sprowl for Bible study.

Because of high temperatures on Tuesday, Dorothy Schick, Mary Lou Soisson and Ester Jackson opted to move the parachute activity inside. Who can blame them? They also joined other residents in the afternoon for our semi-weekly game of bingo. Winners won healthy snacks like strawberries, peaches, plums, Kudos or granola bars.

Wednesday, Catholic rosary and communion were led by Regina Percival and Jane Schaffer. With rain in the afternoon a few games of trivia were enjoyed by residents in the activities room. Ice cream snacks really hit the spot on Thursday with the high temperature returning. The weekly happy hour was looked forward to by many of the residents this week with non-alcoholic drinks. Clark Fisher was in to encourage residents to sing-a-long to his music and entertainment. On Sunday, Kathy Resor, an employee of Gaymont, came in on her own time to show movies. The movie this week was Two Bits and Pepper. Her husband Rick made waffles for the movie enthusiast.

Following coffee hour, Lynn Borgia, Mary Lou Soisson, Flossie Stotts, Lucille Weisenberger, and Ron Shipley participated in Reminiscent Corner. Residents as well as staff savored the tastes of smoothies in the afternoon. Clark Fisher was also in for Bible study. Dorothy Schick, Mary Lou Soisson, and Edna Sprenger had smiles on their faces as they participated in a game of balloon badminton led by activities director Amy Bolding.

Aroma filled the halls on Wednesday, as Iverna Fallecker stirred up some tasty dishes in her cooking class. Everyone was stopping in to see what she was cooking up. Her choices this week included: sloppy-joes with Mexican rice, Asian cucumber salad, cauliflower spread, zucchini pineapple bread, and golden apricot punch.

This week Richard Evans, RN, assisted Donna Ratliff, Gloria Grashel and Bev Randall in creating a beautiful denim quilt for Gaymont.

Stop by the booth at the fair this week and take a look at this work of art.

There will also be an informational DVD about Gaymont.

Recently, staff has spotlighted one of the residents, Amy Kuchling. They have a display case in the front lobby showing pictures of Amy's family, putting her in the spotlight.

Norwalk Memorial Home

There was a song that was popular years ago "Tiny Bubbles" and residents of Norwalk Memorial Home sang and were reminded of this when children from the Gerken Center visited. Both residents and children blew bubbles while Bailey, the home's dog couldn't make up his mind to chase them or eat them. Although the theme song is from years past, children sang bubble songs that were more current, followed by fruit smoothies.

A trip to the Erie County Senior Center was the highlight of the week. Residents were treated to lunch followed by a tour of the Maritime Museum.

Larry Russell and company led a sing-a-long, Happy Hour included Karoke with residents proving vocals and Iverna was the Friday night entertainment. Manicures were provided followed by life enhancement.

The daily activities included fitness fun, coffee corner and bingo.

Sunday church service was conducted by the Rev. Paul Lamb. Holy rosary was led by Krista Wagner, activity coordinator, and Catholic Mass was offered by Father Spheer.

Norwalk Memorial Home has announced Krista Wagner was notified last week that she is now a nationally certified activity coordinator. Residents celebrated her achievement and Krista received many gifts and congratulations from co-workers. Krista has worked at Norwalk Memorial Home for the past year and a half but has been an activity coordinator for about six years.

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