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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:51 PM

Twilight Gardens

Bingo winners were, Faith Mienke, who won the special game, Emma Butler and Phyllis Schmuck, who each won two games. There were eight winners at the last game.

Labelle continued her readings from the book of "Christy." This week residents heard how they got honey and what they made with it and berries they would pick. Then residents heard what she had done for the last day of school after her first year of teaching.

Residents went to Wal-Mart, and everyone seemed to get what they needed. Residents had their monthly birthday party for July, and entertainment was the "Living Stones," they came and played gospel music. They were a lively duo who really had everyone clapping along. Residents played some table games, a word game called Scrabble, Yahtzee, and checkers, while they drank lemonade and ate some popcorn. Shirley Mack and Mary Patrick played Jenga.

For Sunday's church, residents sang many hymns. The resident council meeting was held under the president Stewart Bowlin. Dietary manager Tonya Lynch talked to residents about our menus, and we discussed new activities.

Lillian Cesa, Gordon Harrod all won two times. Mike, a volunteer, won the special game where you had to have two bingos on a card to win.

Residents went to Willard Tuesday night to listen to the Bluegrass Mountaineers play their hearts out. Five gentlemen, all very well dressed and ready and wearing to go, entertained the group for two hours, while they sat there and just absorbed the music in.

Norwalk Memorial Home

Norwalk Memorial Home has been having a busy week. Coffee corner and fitness fun is held every morning, with holy rosary and Catholic communion held weekly.

On Tuesday, residents had a group of children from the Gerkin Center visit, interact and sing songs. Residents also made hand prints of each of the new friends, and then made a hand print under them. Each resident hung their artwork in their room, and each child took one home with them.

The group played Family Fued with the Blue Jays versus the Yellow Jackets. Leslie Opper conducted life enhancement. The trip this week took the group to Chet and Matt's in Sandusky. Manicures were the activity of the day as all enjoyed the new colors that were shared.

Happy hour this week was a educational time watching a Wild Kingdom Movie from the Movie of the Month Club. Residents also were able to enjoy fried green tomatoes and fried zuchinini made by Krista Wagner, activity director. Bingo was held twice this week. Iverna came out and played the organ for everyone. Residents have been welcoming new friends that have come to stay with them for awhile. And the walking club met and walked around the facility.

Gaymont Nursing Home

Everyday residents enjoy coffee hour in the activities room with french vanilla coffee and rolls. Virginia Baker and Flossie Stotts participated in a game of outside happenings with Amy Bolding and Stacey Mulder as they answered some trivia about birds and flowers during some time outdoors.

The Rev. Fred Wiechers from the Lutheran Church visited and shared prayer time with residents on July 17 followed by a weekly visit from Clark Fisher. On Wednesday, Amy Bolding treated Gloria Grashel, Flossie Stotts, Mary Lou Soisson, and Lynn Weisenberger to hand massages with lotion as they enjoyed some country music in the background. They felt like they had a day at the spa.

On July 19, a game of outside happenings was enjoyed during a nature walk. Participants in this included: Flossie Stotts, Russ Presnall, Virginia Baker, David Schindler, Eleanor Darling and Michael Smith. They then played trivia about "What year was it when....," and listened to some summertime humor.

The ring toss game was a big hit with Michael Smith, Mary Lou Soisson, Edna Sprenger and Lynn Weisenberger. They all had big smiles on their faces when someone got a ringer.

Amy Bolding stimulated residents' minds when they took a journey to the past by the use of smells, touch and using visual sensations. Their memories became flooded and they began to share stories of things that these senses triggered. In the afternoon residents along with a few family members enjoyed a few games of bingo. After bingo, staff and residents savored ice cream in a variety of flavors along with Birthday cake for the July birthdays. This months birthdays include: Paul Charville, Lester Kolozy, Lynn Gleason, Rosie Snow, Carl Damron, Estelle Bishman, Alma Wood, Richard Bishman, Michael Smith and Kathlene Walton.

On July 25, Catholic services and rosary were observed with the assistance of Betty Hipp and Betty Smith from St. Paul's parish. Marsha Smith played a game of memory with Lucille Weisenberger and Mary Lou Soisson. Thursday, residents worked on beaded crafts in anticipation of the family Steak feed in August. Virginia Dole, Flossie Stotts, Amy Bolding and Marsha Smith took a trip to Wal-Mart for a fun outing. The week ended with the weekly entertainment from Clark Fisher.

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