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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Norwalk Memorial Home

Throughout the week Norwalk Memorial Home celebrated Christmas in July.

On Monday and Tuesday, dietary provided Christmas cookies with a beverage for coffee corner, and Christmas music provided the motivation for daily stretches. The birthday party included Christmas music with Iverna at the piano and a sing a long. A Hartland 4-H group came in Monday evening and played bingo with residents. They were a caring group who brought stuffed animals for the residents to choose from and before leaving each stood up to tell them what they were doing for their project for the fair. One of the students shared a dance she learned at a Christian summer camp.

Arts and crafts with Vera and friends was an aroma filled activity as we made cinnamon ornaments to hang in our room after drying. The wonderful aroma could be smelled throughout the whole facility. Family Feud was the popular game of the week with some interesting questions about Christmas.

The walking club met and walked throughout the hospital instead of outside due to the weather. Catholic communion, Protestant communion, and holy rosary was held this week. Shelby Line Dancers traveled from the Shelby Senior Center for entertainment on Wednesday. They brought santa hats and danced to some Christmas songs in honor of this week. Even staff and residents got up and tried their hand at the macarina dance.

The trip this week took residents to Huron. They ate lunch at Berardi's and then went to the Old Women's Creek for a tour. In the afternoon it was a holiday movie "How The Grinch Stole Christmas."

Life enhancement followed. In the evening Dave Kilbride and guests blessed residents with his Christian and country songs. Friday at Happy Hour, Greg McDonald shared his talent on the organ. Iverna came in the evening to also play the organ. Saturday it was wake up and stretch with Sandy, and a game of bingo in the afternoon. Sunday it was Christian blessings with Ken Downing.

Twilight Gardens

Dale Figley and Flora Perry won the special game of bingo where you had to have a picture frame to win. Zella Kohler, Linda Daughtery and Maxine Brown all won two times. Flora was the big winner with three wins.

Many residents and four activities' girls, along with Patty Craft went to the Bronson Conservation Club to go fishing and have a picnic.

Marlene Ward's husband Bob and a volunteer spent the evening baiting hooks for the residents as they tried their luck at the "ole fishing hole." Only about seven fish were caught.

Residents had fun playing off to the races. Stewart Bowlin's horse was Sea Breeze, while Barbie Robinson's was Blackie, Helen Tommas had Millie, Shirley Mack had Joker and Mary Patrick had Lindy. Sea Breeze won three races, while Millie won two and Blackie and Lindy each won once.

On Sunday, the Rev. Joe Grof of Calvary Baptist Church talked about David and how he became king and his reign as king.

Stewart Bowlin, Nadina Wanshula, Ken Drew (visitor), Linda Daughtery (visitor) and Phyllis Schmuck all won two times at bingo, while Janis Stoneham and Phyllis won the special game where you had to have the letter "T" on the card to win.

Greg Richards talked about current events and he discussed the drought this summer. He also talked about hail storms, trees, taverns, teen drinking, George Schild, Louise Rapalee and Barb Landon and how special these people were.

For craft class, residents spent the afternoon wrapping silverware for the chicken barbecue. Residents thanked everyone who helped make the 30th year for the chicken barbecue a success.

Just about every resident was outdoors enjoying the chicken made by Jerry Gravenhorst along with other picnic food and desserts. The 50/50 and the raffle were won by Denise Crumline.

Activity girls Jessica Woolf and Valerie Newell played games with the children. Residents played an egg toss, egg-spoon relay and back-to-back races. WLKR was broadcasting live from Twilight, so residents had great entertainment, along with good food and conversation.

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