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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Gaymont Nursing Center

June 26 was National Chocolate Pudding day...So what better way to celebrate than with a creamy bowl of homemade chocolate pudding enjoyed by residents and staff.

Richard Coffee keeps anticipating the next time they get to play the Rubber Duckie game. Laughter filled the activities room as Richard, along with Russ Presnall, Julius Herics, Ruth Parsons and Lynn Borgia dropped their fishing pool lines into a pool with floating ducks. The person that turned up the duck with a number on the bottom of it won a prize.

On Wednesday, residents prepared for the Fourth of July by making beaded, red, white and blue bracelets and necklaces. You can still find some of the residents wearing theirs proudly today, even after the week of festivities have ended. Residents took advantage of the beautiful weather as they joined together in the shady front yard to play with a parachute. The trick was for the residents to keep the beach ball up in the air for as long as they could. Participants in this activity included Carl Williams, Russ Presnall, Lester Kolozy, Gloria Grashel and Mary Lou Soisson. Another activity that the residents enjoyed was a game of nature trivia. Amy Bolding asked questions to find out who knew the most about the birds and flowers.

The Fourth of July is a really big day for Gaymont. With the parade passing in front of our home, residents welcomed the community, family, and friends to share in the celebration. Staff and residents proudly wore red, white and blue and watched the parade from our beautiful front lawn. This year the floats theme was " Gaymont's Future", featuring children of the staff dressed like nurses and doctors. After the parade Gaymont hosted a picnic for family and friends. Birdie Baker and Gladys Pheifer enjoyed a game of balloon badminton with Amy Bolding on Thursday. The residents also enjoy bingo every Thursday afternoon.

Some of the ladies including Gloria Grashel, Flossie Stotts and Mary Lou Soisson enjoyed manicures given by the director of activities and volunteers.

Residents finished the week with the traditional happy hour. Several of the residents really enjoy this time to socialize and be together with friends and family. They also welcomed back Saturday entertainment host Clark Fisher with his sing-a-longs.

Norwalk Memorial Home

Martin Haffey is a fountain of knowledge and always willing to share. He recently gave a talk on the history of Norwalk to the folks at Norwalk Memorial Home.

A trip to Bellevue led to a delicious taste-tempting afternoon. After a little lunch and a huge dessert, residents visiting Miller's Ice Cream were impressed with the best lunch anyone could imagine. Following the luncheon, residents were treated to a leisurely drive in the area.

It may be hot outside, but inside Norwalk Memorial Home it's a different story. The movie "Polar Bears" was shown along with peach smoothies.

Special music this past week included an area dulcimer group and Iverna at the organ. A variety of additional activities were held including bingo, life enhancement, exercise class, manicures, coffee corner and walking club. Church services were provided by the Rev. Roger George and Catholic Mass by the Rev. Francis Speier.

Twilight Gardens

Well, Michigan couldn't beat Ohio State, but Twilight did with its float at the Fourth of July parade, which they won first place with the pirate-themed float "We Treasure our Residents." Residents thanked Tim and Carol of Clemons Farm for the use of their hay wagon.

Chapel Friends brought the message of John 1-1. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God. Donna Mae, Dessie Mae and Daisy Mae read the story in Matthew of the temptation of Jesus by Satan. Jesus answered with scripture. Ken Drew led everyone in song. Theresa Mohr a communion distributor from St. Mary Catholic Church held a communion service for residents. Residents recited the rosary following communion.

Iverna Fallecker came to coffee break and played the organ while residents drank their favorite drinks. They had a large turn out of residents who attended bingo today. Faith, Florence Silcox and Phyllis Schmuck won two times with one of Phyllis' games being the special game, where you had to have two bingos.

Labelle came and continued her readings from the book "Christy." Wal-Mart was another successful trip out. Residents played some table games. Marlene Ward and Florence Silcox played 500 rummie and Florence won. Donna played match with Virginia Charity and helped another resident and Zella Kohler played checkers. Nadina Wanshula and Stewart Bowlin played Uno while Shirley Mack watched.

Over the weekend several residents played hangman. Steven Dawson (a volunteer) and Jessica Woolf came up with several words to try and stump them, but Stewart Bowlin was no dummy. He was the only one who got all of them right.

On Sunday, the Rev. George conducted church. The dining room was filled with residents and guests like Mr. Drew, leading the group in several hymns. Afterwards a devotional was given. Fred Downing from St. Paul Episcopal Church held a communion service for residents. He read from the Gospel of Luke. He spoke on trusting in Jesus Christ.

Residents had their first walking club last Friday morning. Mary Patrick, Cathy Patrick, Bill Nestor and Shirley Mack all went walking with activities assistant Valerie Newell and Luke the dog. They walked down East Main Street and talked about the beautiful old houses and laughed at how Luke pulled them along.

Residents had a lot of fun at euchre club. Dale and Florence each won a game. We drank pop and munched on popcorn. Bingo winners were Faith Mienke, Zella Kohler and Bill Nestor along with Dorothy Colish all won two times. Linda Daughtery won the special game, where you had to have a double bingo.

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