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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

Norwalk Memorial Home

The recent beautiful weather provided the perfect backdrop for a picnic at Huron Park. As residents traveled through the area many remembered the days of swimming at the area beaches.

Entertainers at the home are always welcome. Some of the wonderful musical interludes were provided by Larry Russell and friends, Iverna on the organ and sing-a-longs with Krista.

A walking club meets weekly to walk in the lovely courtyard. Bird watchers also have the added opportunity to spot their feathered friends at the numerous bird feeders through their strolling area. A rousing game of Family Feud was conducted between the Eagles and the Hawks.

Residents celebrated National Applesauce Cake Day with none other than applesauce cake. Vera Albright and company led the arts and crafts class. Each resident made a tissue paper geranium which was displayed in their rooms. The Rev. Paul Lamb conducted the Sunday church service.

Six residents Sandy Long, Pat Brady, Marcella Miller, Dawn Good, Hilda Ruggles and Audrey Smith recently put their writing skills together and composed a poem. Residents want to share their talents with area readers.

"Treasure Each Generation; Through Mind, Body and Spirit."

You're in a crib; Being held in loving hands; Playing in your sandbox; Your first walk; Knowing your mom is there when you're sick; You're in school; Celebrating Christmas by making Christmas cookies with mom; Making my girls happy by letting them play dress up; Playing marbles with my brothers; Remember the actresses on TV? I couldn't wat to grow up and; Wear make-up just like them; Watching and learning from Mom as she cooked and baked for us; You turn aroundand you are graduating; Do you get a job, go to college, or do you join the service? You are an adult; Infant to young adult to elderly. It was the touch of caring, loving, and tenderness.

Twilight Gardens

Leon and Jeri Shinski from Wakeman St. Mary's Catholic Church came and held a Communion service for our residents. Reciting the rosary followed. Residents went shopping at Wal-Mart and all of the residents had fun buying stuff. The residents also went by Wendy's to treat themselves to a Frosty.

The residents had their big breakfast earlier this week. For fitness fun, several residents went outside for a brisk walk along with Luke. Several residents won at least once while nine of them won two times. Our special game was won by Emma Butler. Reading with Labelle and Nancy, they continued to read from the book called "Christy." They read chapter 13.

Everyone that came down to listen was glad to have her back. We had a full bus loaded up to go to Toft's Ice Cream Parlor.

Last week being so hot out, activities staff went door to door passing out popsicles. Sharon Rood came in and gave about a dozen ladies a nice relaxing facial. Residents played two exciting games of volleyball. Chapel friends presented a message on Psalm 73. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Dessie Mae and Donna Mae told the rich man and the beggar. Leah Flaherty and Ken Drew again provided piano music and singing. Zella Kohler was our big winner at bingo with three wins, Lil Cesa won twice. Virginia Charity won the special game. Greg Richards finally is back from Amsterdam and came to tell his tales of his trip. Residents baked two loaves of pumpkin bread for our bake sale we are going to have for Relay for Life.

The Rev. Francis Speier pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church said Mass for our residents. Euchre was an exciting time for Florence Silcox and Dale Figley vs. Marlene Ward and Janice Stoneham. Florence and Dale won both games.


Lynn Borgia, Gloria Grashel, Kathleen Thill, Lucille Weisenberger and Julius Herics all assisted Amy on Monday in cooking class as they prepared banana bread pudding. Everyone was able to enjoy the finished product with a little whipped topping. Later, Clark Fisher gathered a group of residents together for a Bible study session. Candid photos were taken to add to the bulletin board and Margaret Reichard, Mary Jenkins, Roy Griffith and Miss Borgia won all three games of afternoon bingo.

One-to-one time was spent with many residents playing a card game, reading a book, listening to music, or just talking over old times. Chocolate milk shakes and sundaes appropriately honored National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, and table decorations were made at craft class for the planned Father's Day dinner celebration.

Following the showing of Big Momma's House 2, residents were invited to evening happy hour. Jerry Fahning and Paul Charville talked about their adventures growing up as kids over non-alcoholic beverages as they listened to country music.

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