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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:44 PM

Norwalk Memorial Home

On Monday at coffee corner, residents played trivia to celebrate Victoria Day and answered questions that pertained to the word Victoria. They also discussed how this day came about. Holy rosary followed. In the afternoon, residents celebrating shared a luncheon of their choice in a private setting the sun porch. Residents also had a monthly birthday party, serving blueberry, coconut cream and chocolate cream pies. Iverna played the organ as residents guessed "Name That Tune" with her.

Residents discussed the "Blast from the Past" and other articles in the paper during Tuesday's coffee corner. Morning stretch followed. In the evening, the New London Baptist singers visited.

During Wednesday coffee corner, residents did news flash and had to answer some trivia questions. Holy communion followed. Chris Ruth led a Bible study after lunch. Residents also participated in afternoon stretch. Then, residents went outside and planted flowers in the flower boxes. In addition, they planted a couple tomato plants and some radish seeds. Then residents sat outside enjoying the wind and its cool breeze.

During coffee corner on Thursday, one resident shared a newsletter from a friend who does an afternoon school program with children. She shared some science projects they are doing and then letters from the children to either their mom or grandma. Everyone enjoyed listening to the stories. Morning stretch followed, then residents played kick the ball across from you, and last but not least, hot potato. Dave Kilbride and friends entertained residents with their songs.

On Friday morning, residents participated in coffee corner and morning stretch. In the afternoon, residents attended Happy Hour and celebrated the 100th birthday of John Wayne. In memory of his birthday, residents watched "McLintock!" FTMC dietary services supplied residents with snack and drink. Iverna played the organ in the evening.

Residents stretched on Saturday afternoon. They also take a weekly trip and this week visited the Native American Heritage Days at Historic Lyme Village in Bellevue. Also on Saturday, Donna played bingo with the residents.

Ken Downing came out for Christian worship on Sunday.

Gaymont Nursing Center

On Saturday, one of the dedicated friends hosted a cooking class and assisted residents in making chocolate-covered peanut butter crackers. Later in the afternoon, Clark Fisher led residents in singing numerous uplifting gospel songs.

Following Monday morning coffee hour, residents wrote letters to their pen pals at Norwalk Memorial Home. The monthly resident council meeting was held after lunch and in the evening there was a Bible study class. Several newcomers joined the bingo regulars Tuesday. Mattie Bongs, who is 103 years old, had to wait until game four to yell out her winning numbers, but several others won all four games.

Some baby chicks visited residents this week, thanks to family members of resident Pauline Cring. Regina Percival and Jane Schaffer of St. Paul Catholic Church assisted Catholic residents at Mass. Several hands of cards were played and in honor of the 30th anniversary of the first showing of the movie "Star Wars," residents viewed the movie and snacked on freshly-made popcorn from the little red popcorn wagon.

Twilight Gardens

Residents had the dining room filled with residents to play bingo. Phyllis Schmuck had a lucky card she won three times. Bill Nestor and Faith Meinkie each won twice. Maxine Brown (visitor) won the special game where you had to have two bingos on your card to win. There were a lot of people who won once. Labelle continued her readings from "Christy."

For the monthly birthday party, residents had pirates aboard.

Residents had a party, with pirate music and decorations galore. The birthday cake was made by Donna Hite (activities assistant) decorated with a ship and treasure chest and pirates. Some of the residents got skull tattoos and bandannas to wear.

Residents had a large group down to come to the ROY program. They all sang songs and Rhonda and Amber sang a duet. Cookies and punch were served. The Rev. Joe from Calvary Baptist Church along with Ellen Reed to play the piano came and conducted a church service. Residents sang hymns and he gave a devotional on following Jesus Christ. Dale Figley, Gordon Harrod and Virginia Charity all won twice at bingo. Virginia also won the special game where you had to have a cover all to win.

For exercise class residents took a walk outside and took Luke too.

Residents celebrated Penny and Wendell Martins 27th wedding anniversary during coffee break. Residents had cake and ice cream. Monica Powers a lay distributor from St. Paul Catholic Church held a communion service for residents. Residents painted pictures. Abstract calendar pictures were picked out to paint. Residents even had some birdhouses left to paint.

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