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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:53 PM

Gaymont Nursing Center

Charlotte Burras outbid everyone at wheelchair exercise class and Mary Ferrell, Joan Mongillo, Gary Feltner, and Bev Randall loaded up with prizes from winning games of Bingo. Seven-layer bars were prepared in Amy's cooking class. Residents joined staff in colorful nightwear on "Wear Your P.J.'s To Work Day", and ladies enjoyed manicures with a selection of spring-hued nail enamels.

The Rev. Mark Bogan of St. Peter Lutheran Church conducted Protestant worship services, while The Rev. Frank Kehres ministered to Catholic residents. Clark Fisher led a gospel music session. Mrs. Mongillo presided over a monthly resident council meeting. Old Mason Animal Rescue volunteer Janet Freehling shared some scrapbooks featuring pictures of rescued kittens as she and "Miss Pinky" visited residents.

Movie and popcorn was enjoyed, cards were played, fruit smoothies made and roasted almond flavored coffee featured at morning coffee break.

Twilight Gardens

Residents all had a great time at the Circle of Friends luncheon this past week. Ham and au gratin potatoes, green beans and a variety of desserts were served along with good conversation and laughs.

Residents sang hymns as well. Kathleen Sigsworth, a communion distributor from St. Paul Catholic Church held a communion service for residents. Following coffee break for fitness fun everyone did some stretching exercises and they enjoyed a back rub.

Bingo winners for Tuesday and Thursday were: Virginia Charity (four times), Nadina Wanshula (three), and Phyllis Schmuck (four times along with one of them being the special game).

Volunteer Josh Cross and Daniel Coffee (nurse aide) came and helped residents out at Wal-Mart.

Labelle is continuing to read about the story of Christy, a teacher in the wilderness.

Fred Downing of St. Paul Episcopal Church held a communion service for residents. He read Sunday's gospel and gave a short devotional.

Residents were dancing up a storm at Western Reserve High School for their senior prom. The "Blue Notes" brass band kept the group going and going on its toes.

Mary Francis Phillips saw a lot of people that she knew, since she used to work there in the kitchen. Ellen Reed came in to play the piano while residents sang hymns and Mr. Drew led the group with his wondrous voice.

Spring word scramble was fun for all as residents had 25 words to unscramble that all pertained to "spring".

Zella Kohler, Mary Francis, Dorothy Harp and Stewart all did a very good job. Residents like to read some of the "Dear Abby" columns, just to get the opinions about them from our people here. Shirley Mack and Mary Patrick had lots to say about them, but most agreed with Abby.

For National Volunteer week, residents held a party for the dedicated volunteers. Residents had banana splits along with the very talented entertainment "Keyboard Cleats."

Labelle and Nancy, Greg Richards and his wife, Mr. Drew and Leah Flaghtery along with some employees, just to name a few who go the extra mile to make Twilight Gardens a better home were honored.

Norwalk Memorial Home

It was a trip down memory lane with residents this past week when they traveled to Monroeville, had lunch at Vansons and then toured the area. Several of the residents were from Monroeville and gave a narrative on how the area has changed over the years.

The monthy birthday party was celebrated all day with a special birthday luncheon in the sun room followed by a birthday with all residents joining in the celebration. Most people celebrate with the traditional cake and ice cream but residents have decided to enjoy an alternative dessert. This month they had their choice of coconut cream and lemon/lime pie. Iverna Fallecker was the featured entertainment for the event.

Vera Albright and friends are always welcome volunteers and this month was no exception. The craft class made beautiful tissue paper flowers with a sign that says "April showers bring May flowers."

Sometimes older movies are enjoyed as if they were recently released. The movie "Steel Magnolias" was shown. Popcorn was served and residents enjoyed laughing and crying at this wonderful movie.

Pigs In A Blanket Day was celebrated with what else, pigs in a blanket. Eugene Miller entertained with his special brand of country and western music.

The Rev. Fred Wiechers offered protestant communion and Ken Downing conducted the Sunday church service. David Kilbride and Company entertained with spirit-filled music.

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