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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:51 PM

Twilight Gardens Home, Inc.

Laurie Berdine had a full house to sing too, she brought in her karaoke machine and her famous red and pink boas. She put them around all the ladies. Residents sang along to the songs, it was a blast. Because of the beautiful weather we have been having, Activities took a few people out to go for a walk for fitness fun. John Beldon and Jeanette Hayden really enjoyed the walk. "Luke" Twilight's dog, also got his exercise in too. As we were walking back it started to rain real hard, so we walked a little faster getting back. Zella Kohler helped Jessica Wolf (activities assistant) till and hoe the sensory garden, to get it ready for planting.

Weekly bingo winners for Tuesday and Thursday's games were Helen Manhart who won the special game where you had to have two bingos on your card to win, she won a beautiful handmade lap robe. Zella Kohler, June Brown, Phyllis Schmuck, Mary Patrick all won two times. Virginia Charity was lucky, she won four times. Florence Silcox won twice. Dorothy Colish won the special game where you had to have a picture frame on your card to win.

As always Wal-Mart was a good time. Residents seemed to buy out the store. Everyone enjoyed the warm weather.

Bowling winners were Stewart Bowlin with a score of 70, Florence Silcox 69, Shirley Mack 66, Bill Nestor 48 and Zella Kohler 35. This past weekend residents played UNO, Dale Figley, Stewart Bowlin, Florence Silcox, Helen Tommas and Jessica Woolf (act. assist.) Zella won twice and Dale, Stewart and Jessica won once. Euchre with Marlene Ward (activities assistant) played several hands of Euchre with Dale Figley, Mark Elkhart and Florence Silcox. Dale and Marlene were partners and Mark and Florence. Mark and Florence won all three games.

Gaymont Nursing Center

The celebrity of the week was Ethel Muhar who was pictured in the Old Mason Animal Rescue newsletter with "Miss Pinkie," visiting "cuddle kitten," doing her thing. Ethel is quite the artist and recently presented a pencil sketch of the ship The Bounty to the nursing center. More of her artwork will be displayed at an upcoming event. Each morning at coffee corner residents feature a different flavor of coffee to accompany the coffee cake and doughnuts served. This week the flavor was toasted almond.

Pen pal club met to catch up on their correspondence with residents at Memorial Home and a cooking class led by volunteer Iverna Fallecker featured vegetarian breakfast items that included apple coffee cake, a tofu banana French toast, and hash browns. Clark Fisher led an evening Bible study and Catholic residents received Communion and recited the Rosary.

Several residents worked on new albums to display in the front lobby and bingo was played twice. Among the winners were Kathleen Klein, Donna Ratliff, Joan Mongilio, Susan Beck and Russ Presnall. Charlotte Burras was the top hitter at balloon volleyball, and Jeopardy Trivia was played. Ice cream floats were served in honor of the anniversary of Coca Cola and the Norwalk High School choir entertained with several musical selections.

Norwalk Memorial Home

Spring is certainly in the air with warmer weather just around the corner. One of the signs of spring is right in the dining room at Norwalk Memorial Home. Residents have a butterfly garden which is slowly filling with butterflies as they emerge from their cocoons. Another sign of spring is happening at craft class. Residents make kites which will later be flown outside.

The great cooks living at the home were busy this past week with some very unusual recipes. A featured "Cook of the Week" in the Norwalk Reflector had the recipe for dill pickle soup. Residents made this soup and everyone recommends it to readers.

As Easter fast approaches residents are busy filling plastic Easter eggs for an upcoming Easter egg hunt for family members.

Many have heard about the competitiveness between the different soft drinks and residents actually accepted this challenge to discover the best flavor. They tasted five different varieties of soft drinks and the winner was Cherry Coke. This was in celebration of National Coca Cola Day.

As part of the upcoming religious holiday, everyone enjoyed watching the movie "The Passion." Ken Downing conducted the weekly church service. Volunteer Iverna presented a cooking demonstration and played the organ. Shoppers were taken to Walmart to "shop till they drop" and also for lunch.

Christa, social service assistant led the discussion at Life Enhancement. Adopted grandchildren from Calvary Baptist Church came as part of their weekly visit. The New London Baptist Singers gave a wonderful concert.

The week was busy but everyone enjoys the multitude of activities to choose from and Krista Wagner, activity coordinator and the great volunteers. Residents eagerly look forward to getting up in the morning and are tired enough to sleep well at night. What more could anyone ask for?

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