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Norwalk school board should make abstinence core of sex ed teachings

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:52 PM

EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter was addressed to the Norwalk School Board Members.

Thank you for making time to address an important issue in our school system this year, abstinence and sex education. I understand the health curriculum is or has been reviewed by a selected committee, which will make recommendations for improvements and possibly adopting new curriculum.

It is the desire of parents and students in this community that serious consideration be given to adopting abstinence-based sex education curriculum at all levels. Health curriculum that speaks to this ideal helps students focus on the importance of self-respect, respecting peers, making choices for a positive future and self-control as well as good physical, mental and emotional health. These are things that educators, parents and students all value.

It is more than just a suggestion or an option mentioned in health class about sexual behavior. It is the foundation from which students can make wise choices during adolescence and beyond. And it is a 100 percent healthy attitude toward sexual responsibility.

Please support this effort and vote to adopt an abstinence-based sex education curriculum and your vote will have lasting benefits on our students and community.

Kip and Sharon Miller


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