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Norwalk band HOTROX to play Aug. 11

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

I'm back after a couple nice weeks off in Gulf Shores, Ala. More on that in next week's Reflections.

The details still are being worked out on the reunion concert of the late 1970's Norwalk band, HOTROX.

I do know this the concert will be Aug. 11 and it's in rural Monroeville.

HOTROX consists of Randy Long, bass guitar, Greg Haney, lead guitar, Mike Greenwald, drums, and Christopher Reynolds, guitar and vocals.

Long is a 1979 St. Paul High School graduate, who now lives in Catawba.

Haney is a 1979 Norwalk High School graduate and now resides in Plymouth, while Greenwald is a 1980 EHOVE graduate (St. Paul) and now lives in Arcadia.

Reynolds, who has released about 10 solo albums, is a 1979 St. Paul graduate and now lives in Berea.

The band released the cassette "Smashed Again" in 1978 and will perform some of those songs, as well as new material at the three-hour, Aug. 11 show.

Keep checkingwww.hr30.blogspot.com for specific concert details.

Reynolds said Wednesday morning the band has been busy rehearsing and has a "good sense of confidence."

The band has re-worked Reynolds' new acoustic song, "Alive and Well" for the Monroeville show.

I've heard some of Reynolds' solo work and it's good. I actually found myself humming some of his tunes after listening to them in my car recently.

Now, this HOTROX show presents a dilemma for me. Aug. 11 is the same night I'm supposed to go see Dream Theater at Tower City in Cleveland. It seems like every time there is a local concert I have something already planned. I might just have to pass on Dream Theater that night and head south of Monroeville.

* * *

I saw "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on Tuesday. I told my wife after the movie, and I hate to rain on every single parade, but nothing happened in "Order of the Phoenix." The first half of the movie was filled with Harry's bad dreams and then at the end there was finally some action. There was no real character development in the beginning. It seemed more like filler, like most of the tracks on adult alternative albums.

* * *

I see "Transformers" and "Live Free, Die Hard" are headed for the Star View this weekend. I've heard only good about "Transformers." Can't wait to see it.

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