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Norwalk's fall trash pickup to be week of Sept. 17.

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

It's time for Norwalk residents to clean out attics, basements and garages to take advantage of the city's fall trash pickup when residents can add as much as they want to the normal three-bag limit for weekly disposal.

The extra trash pickup will be the week of Sept. 17.

Residents can also get busy pruning and cutting back trees and plants that week since the week of Sept. 24 will be brush pickup week. Brush must be stacked on the curb and no longer than four feet in length.

Dale Sheppard, safety-service director, said residents should also remember that trash pickup will be delayed one day for three upcoming holidays Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

The annual leaf pickup will be announced once the city has determined when most leaves will be down.

Sheppard said city workers will pick up everything but building materials, hazardous waste, tires and items with freon such as refrigerators in the fall trash pickup week. "If you have a couch and a chair, tables, TV sets, computers," he said, city workers will pick them up. "Say you're moving and you've got a bunch of stuff you don't want to move, they can be put on the treeline and our guys will take them away with no charge."

During the rest of the year, orange tags may be purchased for $1 at city hall or the sanitation department for disposal of large items.

Sheppard warned that residents that consistently place more trash than allowed for collection can be cited with a misdemeanor by the Norwalk Police Department.

He also said residents should be reminded of trash regulations. On a weekly basis, city workers pick up trash, commingled recyclables and paper recyclables in separate trucks. During the growing season, another truck picks up yard waste.

Garbage can't be placed at the curb before 4 p.m. the night before pickup and cans must be removed by 6 a.m. the day after pickup.

Each household has a three can or bag limit of no more than 33-gallons capacity or 40 pounds. If residents have more trash, they must buy tags for $1 from City Hall that allow extra items.

Non-paper recyclables are unlimited, but free tags available at City Hall and stores throughout town must be on the bags. These bags may include empty and rinsed plastic, glass, metal or aluminum cans and bottles.

Paper recyclables are also unlimited and should be placed in the blue paper recycling bins at the sanitation garage on Laylin Road or in marked bags at the curb.

Sanitation workers can't accept liquids so paint must be left to harden or mixed with cat litter dirt or dirt before put out for disposal.

Residents can also take yard waste for compost and pick up compost at the Wastewater Treatment Plant until early November.

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