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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:47 PM

Twilight Gardens

Residents had a large group down for bingo. Janis Stoneham attended for the first time. June Brown won the special game where you had to have a picture frame to win. Zella Kohler, Stewart Bowlin, Linda Daughtery (visitor) and June all won two times.

For fitness fun, residents went outside to do some stretches and play some Frisbee. The residents all had a good time and had some laughs. Labelle came and continued her readings for the book called "Christy." With the weather being so nice, residents went outside to have their coffee or hot chocolate.

Residents made their own pizzas with the residents.

Residents had a horse race dice game that was played over the weekend. Residents picked out horse names and they were, Dale, Secondary, Rustic, Man of War, House Favorite and Wendell. Residents played three exciting games and almost everybody was nose-to-nose. Nevertheless, Secondary came out on top with two wins. Dale won once. On the last game, there was a four- way second-place tie, Rustic, Man of War, Wendell and House Favorite.

Residents had planned a walk to H&B's for ice cream, but the weather was unbearably hot, so residents stayed and had an indoor ice cream social. Residents all had several different types of ice cream and toppings too.

Residents had a special cake during coffee break last week for a Diane Loven who is leaving.

The residents had another Wal-Mart outing. Even though it was hot outside, it was nice and cool inside. The Rev. Fred Wiechers, pastor of St. Peter Lutheran Church, held a communion service for residents. He also gave a short devotional.

Greg Richards talked about his trip to Hungary, and visited his grandfather's grave there and his relatives'. He also went to Holland and talked about that too.

Residents played two games of euchre at euchre club. Dale Figley and Florence Silcox were partners and Harold Zimmerman and Marlene Ward each won one game apiece.

Norwalk Memorial Home

Nine residents celebrated their June birthdays last week with a delicious especially selected meal served in the sun room. In the afternoon, a celebration was held with the honorees being congratulated with music and song. Iverna played old time favorites on the organ as residents sang along. The residents had chosen not to have the usual fare of cake and ice cream. Doughnuts, including custard filled, jelly, cream and cinnamon, were the highlight of the party.

Residents were looking forward to a fishing trip with folks from the Carriage House but the trip was postponed due to inclement weather. Crafty volunteer Vera Albright assisted residents to make centerpieces for dining room tables. In keeping with the summer theme, residents made watermelon wedges.

Nail grooming class was held with residents enjoying manicures. Residents who did not want to take advantage of this opportunity watched the movie "Beethoven" on the plasma television.

Martin Haffey, director of the Norwalk Public Library, traveled to Norwalk Memorial Home to conduct an educational program on England. Following his lecture, residents watched a video, sang a song and were taught some of the dialect of that country followed by a chocolate truffle. One interesting fact learned is that a truffle is a mushroom and a jar of truffles costs about $80.

National Watermelon Day was celebrated last Friday. Additional activities were held during the week including bingo, exercise class, life enhancement and of course, discussion of interesting items in the newspaper. Ken Downing provided Sunday church services.

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