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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:56 AM

Norwalk Memorial Home

September is over, and has been a topic at coffee corner in the mornings, and how the weather has changed, and how it "feels like fall."

Residents have had holy rosary this week and Catholic communion.

Exercise has been an everyday occurrance, from kicking a very large balloon football around, residents choosing the exercises in a circle while listening to Allen Jackson, and tossing a small ball back and forth.

Bingo was held twice this week and prizes included fall decorations that were chosen first, as the residents talked about decorating for the season.

New London Baptist Singers and Iverna entertained. Iverna also conducted a vegetarian cooking class. When asked what their favorites were, no one could decide they liked them all.

The trip this week took residents to Walgreens for shopping, with volunteer Rita Caprara. Everyone enjoyed their tour and took advantage of the current sale items. Residents decided it was a business they would like to visit again. Vargo's was the lunch destination. Residents comments were they are so nice here and the food was delicious.

Life enhancement with Leslie was held. Several residents enjoyed manicures with staff. Happy hour included entertainment with Eugene Miller. He plays the guitar and sings familiar songs which residents are invited to sing a long. Sunday was Christian fellowship and a walk in the court yard. The home had a wonderful visitor this week, and although he is as big as some of the residents, Opie, the Newfoundlend dog, was a joy to all.

Residents continue to observe and comment on the beautiful renovations at Norwalk Memorial Home. The walls are now a soft beige with new white handrails and new lighting that really gives a flattering appearance to all that pass through the halls. Home has become more than a title to all that reside within the walls.

Twilight Gardens

Residents have been having such good weather they decided to have a word scramble outside on the patio. There were 25 words pertaining to fall that they had to figure out. Zella Kohler and John Bledon figured out most of them. The residents went to Wal-Mart and had a great time shopping and spending time out. The residents bought things that they needed.

Walking club members took a stroll down Main Street, while one resident brought his laptop so the group could listen to music while it exercised. Bingo winners were, Flora Perry was the big winner with three wins. Zella and Bill won two games each. Ronnie won the special game, where you had to have a picture frame to win. Charles Ortman attended for the first time.

Residents had a pizza party over the weekend and everyone enjoyed it. Residents even ordered the new Oreo pizza.

Church services were conducted by Tony and Sarah Williamson. Residents sang hymns and enjoyed a good message from the word of God. Zella Kohler and Marlene Ward, Activities Assistant, made and baked peanut butter cookies for a bake sale fundraiser we are planning on having at Wal-Mart to raise money for robes and bells to start a bell choir.

The resident council meeting was conducted by president Stewart Bowlin. Joyful Noise was a wonderful group that came and sang to residents.

Bingo winners were Phyllis, Dale and Zella all won three times. Flora Perry, Faith Meinke won twice. Virginia won the special game where you had to have a double bingo to win.

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