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M'ville cheerleading prank was OK

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

Is the Monroeville cheerleading adviser witch hunt over, or is this only Chapter 2 in an ongoing novel? I thought newspapers printed news, not Access Hollywood nonsense.

Get off this woman's back and stop being so dramatic. None of your precious daughters were injured or hurt in any way. I realize one girl was "really upset." I'm sure with several years of intensive therapy and some "happy pills," she should make a full recovery.

Does anyone think if adviser Kreps would have stopped this prank, that another one would have not replaced it? Please. These girls wanted to pull a prank and nothing was going to stop them. It's tradition, and it should be. It's no different from the pranks and initiations that we had as kids. Did you ever listen to or tell campfire ghost stories? It's the same thing. And don't tell me "Oh things are different today." It sickens me to think of the power that we have given to a couple of trench-coated morons. Because of them, kids can't be kids and no one has a sense of humor anymore. It's pathetic. Almost as pathetic as your blog site, were a bunch of nameless, faceless and gutless people can say anything they want.

Derogatory and slanderous comments that are unproven. Last time I checked, that is illegal. I hope this young lady sues the pants off of you.

But on the plus side, when Monroeville plays St. Paul this year maybe you could send out some undercover reporters and they could catch adviser Kreps and coach Livengood having a beer in the parking lot. That's a Pulitzer Prize waiting to happen.

If this is all the Reflector can write about, you should think about publishing once a week. It would save a lot of trees. Lastly, would you please tell the staff when reporting on severe weather, there is no Mother Nature. There is Father God, you see. He controls the weather.

Danny P. Mundy Jr.


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