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Local residents predict Cavs will upset Spurs, win NBA title

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Andy Fries, 20, Norwalk: Cleveland in six games. "They've got LeBron James, their best chance to win, and if he can get the rest of the team involved they definitely have a chance to win."

Andrew Seidel, 18, Norwalk: He's not sure how many games the Cavaliers will take the Spurs in. "I think they've got a chance with (Daniel) Gibson stepping up and LeBron being as good as he is."

Scott Hazlewood, 20, Norwalk: Cavaliers in six games. "I think that they'll definitely clinch those three games at home and they'll win the second game at San Antonio."

Niki Cross, 30, Norwalk: Cavaliers in four games. "I'd say definitely, there's no doubt about it, especially with LeBron James. He seems to be on fire recently. I think they're going to win it all. It's exciting."

Donna Bates, Milan, no age given: Cavaliers in seven. "I think they have a good chance because they're good. The Cavaliers are better than the Spurs."

Philip Rediger, 70, Norwalk: Cavaliers in five. "Cleveland is due. It seems they've got the spirit."

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