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Local dentist has a secret

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

Sssshhh. Keep this under your hat.

"This isn't going to look good for the ADA," Bartt Colahan said of his potluck special: brownies.

The Norwalk dentist isn't happy with just plain old brownies. First, he has to have the right mix Ghirardelli. "It's all in the mix," he said.

Then, he has to add M&Ms and Reese's Pieces. Then he's got to frost them.

"I like to make brownies," Colahan said, defying the American Dental Association. "I like to eat brownies," he continued, just digging his hole deeper. In fact, he said, not knowing when to leave well enough alone, brownies are "a crowd pleaser. Everybody likes brownies."

The ADA may not approve, but, he confessed candidly, this recipe's "good for business."

Among his other comfort foods is the unique combination of crackers graham or Ritz and frosting. He loves it so much, he's pitched it to some friends of his who are chefs in Florida. So far, though, they haven't bitten.

Colahan's other specialties however, are slightly better from the ADA's point of view, if not from the the AHA's. He also makes meat. Filets, steak and ribeyes are his other specialties. Oh, along with M&M pancakes. Sorry, ADA.

The golfer, skiier and volleyball player leaves the healthy cooking to his wife, Caryn, who sells products for BeautiControl. Her potluck specialty is cheesy potatoes.

Their two children, Spencer and Carson, on the other hand, would stick with hot dogs, chicken fingers and pizza, if it were up to them.

In keeping with his carnivorous tastes, Colahan likes to have butter, eggs, olive oil, and McCormick seasonings in the house at all times.

If company shows up, then he can always throw hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill even if they're frozen.

For the holidays, the Colahans like to follow tradition "if somebody else makes it," Caryn said.

Over all, he said, "don't be afraid to try something new." He's tried a great many ways to prepare meats and brownies.

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