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Local artwork sought for soil and water conservation project

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:48 PM

The Division of Soil and Water Conservation and the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (O.F.S.W.C.D.) are announcing a project that will showcase the local artistic talents and help the Huron Soil and Water Conservation District (Huron S.W.C.D.) and its partners help market their programs.

The plan is to solicit a work of art from each county soil and water conservation district and watershed group that illustrates unique or important natural, environmental, agricultural or historic features of a county, watershed, or other area-thereby relating to the projects' theme: "Soil and water conservation-keeping Ohio's land productive and water clean!"

Officials with the Ohio Department of Natural Resource's Division of Soil and Water and the O.F.S.W.C.D. hope that the local conservation districts can arrange for an artistically-inclined person in the county (local artist, high school art teacher/student etc.) to complete the artwork for display.

The artwork will be displayed at the Huron S.W.C.D.'s Annual Meeting and Banquet on Dec. 6, and the 65th O.F.S.W.C.D. meeting with balloting to select People's Choice Awards. Later, the artwork will be permanently displayed in the O.D.N.R. Division of Soil and Waters' headquarters for visitors to enjoy.

Also, O.D.N.R. anticipates displaying the art at the 2008 State Fair and other venues which market conservation programs.

O.D.N.R. has given each Soil and Water Conservation District an 18-inch by 18-inch blank canvas and a set of acrylic paints. Interested artists may submit draft artwork on less expensive media by Oct. 31 to the Huron S.W.C.D., 8 Fair Road, Norwalk, Ohio 44857. The Huron S.W.C.D. Board and staff will choose the artwork to be submitted to O.D.N.R. on the canvas.

The artwork should relate in some way to the project's theme and reflect on the unique history, products, and natural features of this county.

For more information, call the Huron S.W.C.D. at (419) 668-4113 ext. 3.

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