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Letters to the Editor

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Please pull over

Startled. Bummed. Upset. And then plain out mad. That's how I felt Monday, July 9, 2007. I was on my way to Sandusky. It started at the stop light in Milan on the corner of U.S. 250 and Ohio 113. I was sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green, when I heard sirens. I was making a right-hand turn onto U.S. 250, when I saw flashing lights, and heard sirens. So I moved as close to the edge of the road as I could, so the fire truck could safely get around me.

I was shocked to see how many vehicles kept right on driving through the light as if there was no fire truck.

The fire truck had to actually stop in the middle of the highway and wait for at least three vehicles to pass in front of the fire truck, as the firemen were hanging out the windows yelling "stop." (I, too, was yelling at the cars.)

The fire truck finally crossed the highway to make it to its emergency call.

All hoped it was not a bad accident or fire or injured person. On my way home, there again were fire trucks and sheriff's cars with lights and sirens going. I could not see anyone getting out of their way: semis were pulling out of corners into the oncoming emergency vehicles, and everyone just kept driving as if there was nothing going on.

The emergency vehicles had to drive down the turn lane for as far as I could see in my mirror. Again, I was shocked and dumb-founded.

Later in the morning I returned to Norwalk and finished my errands. There I came across the emergency, the fire truck, the ambulance and the sheriff's were trying to get to. It was a terrible accident.

So I decided to sit and write a letter to the paper in concerns to what I had seen. Were the drivers not paying attention? Music too loud? Not knowing what to do?

I was shocked at the amount of vehicles that did not slow down, get out of the way or stop for the emergency vehicles.

Laurie Prather


Check facts

Dear Judy Earl:

Your letter concerning my daughter and her friends 'not checking the facts' about the animals being in the circus prior to protesting seemed very angry and extremely personal. You, Judy Earl, did not check the facts with my daughter and her friends whether they did any volunteer work. The fact is, they do, and have volunteered for a very long time. They are very passionate about animal rights.

Is it such a leap to make the assumption that there will be animals in a circus? The same leap, perhaps, that there will be, say, a marching band in a parade? The tickets to the circus said 'Come see our animals.' Please leave these girls alone to be who they want to be, and grow to be caring, kind and considerable human beings. Let's not criticize them for letting their feelings for defenseless animals be known. We could all learn from them.

Kathy Meek


Schild cared

When I opened the paper and read that Mr. George Schild had passed away, I felt so sad, I just saw him three weeks ago, and that day I felt down. George came right up to me and said "Hi." He made me laugh.

That's the kind of man he was. All of our family shops there. Memories came back to me. All of us remember the blizzard of 1978? My former husband and I had three children all under 6 years old and we were out of milk. My former husband couldn't make it to Sandusky to get his check and I was so scared. What if there was no milk? But Schild's was open and Mr. George Schild gave my husband the milk.

Sadly, later that year, our daughter died. I'll never forget how Mr. George Schild helped us.

Sleep with the Angels Mr. George Schild, you deserve it, and we will forever miss you.

Becky Niciu


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