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Land transfers

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM


n Bellevue

Bank of New York Trust Company N.A. as successor to Christopher P. Stacklin, 231 Lyme St., $15,000.

n Greenwich

Shafter Risner et al to Shafter Risner et al, 15 S. Kniffin St.    Shafter Risner et al to Donna Jean and Roger J. Smith or survivor, 15 S. Kniffin St.n Milan

James C. Barron and Pamela J. Barron or survivor to Richard K. III and Lisa E. Evans, 25 Milan Manor Drive, $210,000.

Barbara Harris to Jason A. and Annette M. Focht or survivor, 67 Willow Drive, $115,000.

n New London

Leonard Leach to Timothy Tucker, 29 Maple St., $15,000.

Floral Lodge of Free Accepted Masons to Janice C. Myers aka Janice C. Gilbert, East Main Street.

n Norwalk

Mildred F. Rentsch, trustee to Charles F. Furey and Thomas R. Furey, successor trust, 15 Southgate Drive.

Charles F. Furey and Thomas R. Furey, successor trust to Joseph C. and Lori D. Gross or survivor, 15 Southgate Drive, $200,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee to Shawn K. Ratliff, 148 Whittlesey Ave., $63,000.

William Martin and Claudia Jean Matteson or survivor to William Martin Matteson, 120 Milan Ave.

Jason M. Denman to Natalie M. Bundren, 22 W. Chestnut St., $107,500.

Julie A. Johnson aka Julie Johnson to Brett M. Gottfried, 68 N. Hester St., $67,500.

n Wakeman

James Troy Phelps to Dwayne and Dorothy Poore or survivor, 29 W. Main St., $64,000.

n Willard

Barbara A. Jones to Wendy L. Slone, 214 Tiffin St., $72,700.

Hermann J. Kage et al to Theresa L. Mull, 575 Butte St.


n Bronson Twp.

Jeffrey D. and Kellie L. Winslow or survivor to Kellie L. Winslow, 1171 Pioneer Pass.

Erik J. II and Kimberly K. Stier or survivor to Kenneth S. and Wendy A. Stewart or survivor, 581 Hasbrock Road, $345,000.

n Clarksfield Twp.

Patrick D. and Jessica N. Coley to Kyle McHugh, 826 Monroe Road, $29,500.

n Fairfield Twp.

Richard E. and Joan M. Conaway, trustees to Robert A. and Joan M. Conaway, trustees, 2401 Ridge Road South.

Dean and Debra L. Keinath or survivor to Dean Keinath, 2349 Edwards Road.

n Fitchville Twp.

Countrytyme Lodi Ltd. to Deborah K. Reed, 2615 Crescent Road, $17,900.

n Greenfield Twp.

Larry D. Valentine to Kevin L. Valentine, 73 Sandy Trail, $70,000.

Larry D. Valentine to Kevin L. Valentine, Sandy Trail, $10,000.

n New Haven Twp.

David W. and Diane E. Babcock or survivor to Sereriano and Soledad Hernandez or survivor, Ohio 598, $42,500.

n Norwalk Twp.

Robert Tien, trustee to Robert Tien, 1161 U.S. 20.

Virginia A. Stoll to Mark J. Stoll et al, 300 Ohio 61.

n Norwich Twp.

Paul G. and Melanie S. Schloemer or survivor to Vincent W. and Judith A. Schloemer or survivor, 2465 Niver Road, $199,000.

Vincent William Schloemer to Richard E. Barnett and Nancy M. Stump or survivor, 1709 Section Line Road 30, $88,600.

n Peru Twp.

Kathy J. Roby to Kathy J. Roby and Orland R. Pollard or survivor, 1861 Snyder Road.

n Richmond Twp.

Herman and Shiena Collins or survivor to Shiena Collins, 4189 and 4221 Townline Road 12.

Edna V. Villarreal to Jerry A. Robinson, Broad Street.

n Ridgefield Twp.

Starview Drive In Theater to Aqua Moon Land LLC, 2083 U.S. 20 West, $75,000.

n Ripley Twp.

Vernor M. and Ruth E. Harrod to Vernor M. and Ruth Elizabeth Harrod, trustees, 181 U.S. 224.

Vicky L. and Michael J. Kegyes or survivor to Michael James and Vicky Lynn Kegyes, trustees, 3577 and 3641 Old State Road.

n Townsend Twp.

E. Mardell Schindler to Jimmie D., Jr. and Danielle M. Wellman or survivor, 2103 Wells Road, $138,000.

American General Financial Services to Renee M. Whitney, 3287 Hartland Center Road.

n Wakeman Twp.

Howard J. White to Howard J. White, Jr., trustee, 4585 County Line Road 2.

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