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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: U.S. just as guilty when it comes to 'dirty bombs'

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:52 PM

Concerning the phrase "dirty bombs" in the media, the public's general knowledge is that terrorists plan to scatter some form of radioactive material around public areas using normal explosives to spread the contaminant. But the U.S. has detonated thousands of similar dirty bombs over the battlefields of Iraq to the tune of 320 tons in 1993 and 75 tons in 2003, far more than any terrorist could ever hope to spread in attacks on America.

The nuclear industry magnanimously gives their "nuclear waste" to the U.S. military free of charge, which then molds the waste into super-dense, depleted uranium bullets that can cut through a tank's armor like a hot knife through butter. The shell vaporizes on contact and blasts radioactive, DU plasma through the armor, then condenses into a dust that settles in an area several yards on and around the target. This radioactive dust is so fine that it is easily inhaled by Iraqi children who routinely play on and around these relics of war. By some research accounts, radiation levels around these war relics is up to 1900 times normal, and since 1993 the incidence of birth defects, fetal malformation and cancer among the Iraqi population has increased by more than 600 percent. In addition, the incidence of cancer among American soldiers who handle DU bullets is several times that of the general population and exposure to contaminated areas has been related to Gulf War Syndrome.

Search "depleted uranium" online and look at the pictures of the children whose bodies we have destroyed through our use of nuclear waste in war. Now ask yourself ... do your pro-life, moral values condone the use of thousands of dirty bombs on the battlefield while jailing anyone who would plan doing the same to us?

Rick A. Mullins


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