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Kudos to letter-writer for being positive

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:48 PM

It was with great admiration and a feeling of contentment that I read the letter from Jim Mormon. It is great to live in a community where the residents, businesses and commercial industry work so closely together to make the neighborhoods clean, safe and free of unnecessary nuisances and noise levels.

It is a community that experiences a relationship among all its residents that fosters the "Howdy neighbor, you're important to me" attitude. It was that attitude in neighborhoods long ago that allowed children to play outdoors without fear of harm; that greeted an elderly person or a neighbor down on their luck and helped them through the rough time, or welcomed the new family in town who didn't know anyone.

Yes that is definitely the Wakeman we all knew, and I am sure many of you can recall of your own communities. That is why Jim's letter brought a smile to me. What a better sense of community than to know that one young man received the thrill of his life, or even better how a whole group of residents can be so well treated that they feel as if they are partners of a community.

Yes, Wakeman has many fine businesses and they all contribute to making our community a great one. There certainly is no negativity in Buschur Racing. He has promised the village that he will place a muffler on his Dino Machine to reduce the level of noise, not only to the people of Railroad Street and his immediate neighbors, but also to all of the residents as that mighty sound can be heard several blocks away. He is truly a community leader and should be recognized for his concern and welfare of not only the adults of the community but those young babies who nap throughout the day.

I bet all of our neighboring communities would like to have a business as cooperative and community minded as we have. Three cheers to Buschur Racing for raising the level of community awareness.

Jim, you deserve to be commended for promoting a negative-free atmosphere.

Marilyn Dillon


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