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JFS excels in food-stamp cases

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Huron County Department of Job & Family Services has a 100 percent accuracy rate for cases selected for federal food stamp case reviews through Feb. 28. There have been 12 cases reviewed since the beginning of the federal fiscal year 2007. Overall, the state of Ohio's error rate is at 7.32 percent. In order for the state to be in compliance with federal mandates, the overall error rate for the state must be at or below 6 percent. The items that are reviewed include household composition, earned income, unearned income, shelter expenses and medical deductions. Cases are chosen at random from the state computer system.

Program teaches students about character

A team of Jobs First for Teens coordinators from Huron County Department of Job & Family Services recently completed a pilot program called "Character at Work!" with sixth-graders at the Norwalk Main Street School and third-graders at the Norwalk Catholic School. The program is designed to teach students about such character traits as optimism, respect, honesty, responsibility and service by using a variety of interactive techniques. Students are also taught to recognize and deal with bullying situations.

Character at Work! is taught by Lisa Fritz, Lisa Hull, Stacey Marcum and Tina Ruffing, all employment counselors. They believe teaching good character at a young age formulates productive methods for children to make responsible decisions at school, within their families, and in a work setting throughout their lives. Character at Work, along with the Jobs First for Teens high school program, are provided at no cost to the schools. For more information call (419) 668-8126.

Benefit checks to be different

Benefit checks for Disability Financial Assistance, Food Stamp Cash-Out, and Ohio Works First issued by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services will look different beginning July 1. The major differences are:

The new checks will be blue. The old checks were pink.

The new checks will say "Void After 90 Days." The 90 days starts on the day after the date on the check. The old checks said "Void After" a certain date.

The new checks will have information attached. Remove this information before cashing your check. Keep this information in a safe place. You may need it if you want to talk to someone about your check.

The new checks will have a statement on the back that says: "By signing this check, I affirm, under penalty of law, that the information submitted or conditions reported are true, and accurate, and entitle me to this payment, property, service, or reimbursement. I understand and agree to comply with the terms of the issuing authority."

For any questions regarding check changes or programs, call Huron County Department of Job & Family Services at (419) 668-8125 or (800) 668-5175.

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