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Huron County Common Pleas Court

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:50 PM

NORWALK - The following cases recently went through Huron County Common Pleas Court:

Money only

M & I Bank FSB, Milwaukee, Wis., vs. Ohio State Funding, Inc., Dublin; plaintiff's notice of dismissal without prejudice at plaintiff's costs.

Joseph E. Wagner, Parma, vs. Isaac J. Bernard, 1498 Wurtz Road, Attica; case settled and dismissed with prejudice at defendant's cost.

Melody Gingery, 6185 Leroy Road, Wakeman; Larry E. Couchman, 6185 Leroy Road, Wakeman, vs. Rebecca L. Dailey, 4480 Gibbs Road, Norwalk; plaintiff Melody Gingery dismisses claim against defendant Dailey; plaintiff Larry Couchman dismisses claims against defendant Dailey with prejudice; each party to bear own costs.

Darla A. Chesser, 312 Maplewood Drive, Willard, vs. David T. Ward, Mansfield; Kenneth E. Ward, Mansfield; case settled and dismissed with prejudice at defendants' costs.

Dr. Frank S. Komorowski, 2001 W. Main St., Suite D, Bellevue, vs. City of Bellevue, 3000 Seneca Industrial Parkway, Bellevue; U.S. Utility Contractor Company, Stanley R. Chlebowski, Perrysburg; Smith Paving & Excavating, Inc., Neil E. McFadden statutory agent, 2 Baneberry Lane, Norwalk; plaintiff's notice of voluntary dismissal; defendant City of Bellevue dismisses its crossclaims against defendants U.S. Utility Contractor Company and Smith Paving & Excavating, Inc. without prejudice.

Notices of appeal

Michael Sizemore, Gainesboro, Tenn., vs. Mary Sitterly, P.O. Box 337, Monroeville; Bureau Workers' Compensation, Columbus; case settled and dismissed with prejudice by agreement of parties; costs to be paid by plaintiff.


Sheri A. Carr, P.O. Box 172, Willard, vs. Brian S. Carr, 1002 S. Myrtle Ave., Willard.

Tammy M. Duncan, 515 E. Howard St., Willard, vs. Darrell Duncan, 323 First St., Willard; Tammy restored to former name of Dininger.

Rigoberto Vargas, 119 Hester St., Norwalk, vs. Elizabeth Vargas, 38 S. Garden St., Norwalk.

Sharon May Stephens, P.O. Box 103, New Haven, vs. Delmer Ray Stephens, 209 W. Pearl St., Willard; Sharon restored to former name of Foor.

Delores Clair aka Delores Edwards, 22 Seminary St., Greenwich, vs. Floyd Clair, Jr., 22 Seminary St., Greenwich; Delores restored to former name of Edwards.

Kelly A. Schwartz, 4629 Ohio 601, Norwalk, vs. Peter A. Schwartz, North Port, Fla.; Kelly restored to former name of Couper.

Mary Ruth Owens, 26 Spring St., Apt. A-15, Norwalk, vs. Tony Lee Owens, Sr., Paoli, Ind.

Beatrice Dyer, 4517B Ohio 99 North, Monroeville, vs. Herman Philip Dyer, 801 Peru Center Road, Monroeville.

Robyn N. Gaudiello, Huron, vs. Nicholas A Gaudiello, Huron; Robyn restored to former name of Boyd.

Rosalva Alfaro, 28 Elmwood Drive, Greenwich, vs. Marcos Alfaro aka Rudi Avalos.

Christine M. Sweet, 38 Marshall St., Norwalk, vs. Donald M. Sweet, 85C Corwin St., Norwalk.

Andrew Rospert, 4568 Medusa Road, Norwalk, vs. Faith Rospert, Wayne; Faith restored to former name of Gonzales.

Debra S. Brooks, 405 N. Main St., Willard, vs. Clayton M. Brooks, 166 1/2 W. Broadway, Plymouth.

Paul R. Bradley, 56 E. Main St., Lot 13, Wakeman, vs. Tamara L. Bradley, 49 Corwin St., Norwalk.


Stacy V. Vanderpool, 2204 Miller Road, Willard, and Andrew S. Vanderpool, 219 N. Conwell Ave., Willard; Stacy restored to former name of Prater.

Beth A. Cico, 23 Cherdon Circle, Wakeman, and Gary S. Cico, Lorain; Beth restored to former name of Roberts.

Celina Gayle Estep, 511 E. Main St., Bellevue, and James Everett Estep, Burgoon.

Michael J. Allton, 210 W. Main St., Norwalk, and Amy S. Allton, 210 W. Main St., Norwalk.

Nicholas S. Bailey, 601 Spangler St., Willard, and Patty L. Bailey, 737 S. Conwell Ave., Willard.

Willie F. Denson, Lake City, Fla., and Sunney J. Denson, 78 First St., New London.

Sonia E. Priddy, 322 S. Main St., Willard, and Jeffrey L. Priddy, Jr., Sullivan, Sonia restored to former name of Contreras.

Kimberly A. Pugh, 3165 Lamar Court, Willard, and Timothy J. Pugh, Jr., 30 New State Road, Apt. 3B, Greenwich; Kimberly restored to former name of Oney.

Cases dismissed

Nancy M. Juliano, 3198 Maple Ridge Road, Willard, vs. Michael A. Juliano, Castalia; complaint for divorce dismissed without prejudice on plaintiff's motion.

Bradford C. Lee, 40 Fitchville River Road, New London, vs. Marcia T. Lee, 38 Fruen St., Norwalk; complaint dismissed with prejudice on notice of dismissal.

Karl C. Manders, 3033 U.S. 250, Greenwich, vs. Brenda F. Manders, 3033 U.S. 250, Greenwich; matter dismissed without prejudice.

Katrina Burras, 9 W. Washburn St., New London, vs. Chad Burras, 4298 W. Collins Road, Collins; case dismissed without prejudice for want of prosecution.

Misty D. Capodice, 107 Sheffield St., Bellevue, vs. Phillip J. Capodice, Sandusky; plaintiff's notice of dismissal.

Susan S. Christie, 47 Glover St., Norwalk, vs. Emmitt E. Christie, 47 Glover Ave., Norwalk; petitioners dismiss petition for dissolution.

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