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Handwriting Award winners announced

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:45 PM

The 13th annual Huron County Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Awards ceremony was held May 23 in the Huron County Administration Building. More 100 students completed.

All the winning students received a certificate. All the first-place students also received a pen from the EHOESC and a special pencil from the Zaner-Bloser Company. The handwriting entries of the first-place winners will be displayed in the Little Red School House during the Huron County Fair. All the second- and third-place students also received a pencil from Zaner-Bloser.

Public Schools

Grade One: first, Collin Murdock, Western Reserve Elementary; second, Ashlyn Tommas, Monroeville Elementary; third, Grant Gregory, New London Elementary.

Grade Two: first, Griffin Rinner, Maplehurst Elementary; second, Ashlee Tuttle, Greenfield Elementary; third, Katie Kovach, Western Reserve Elementary.

Grade Three: first, Lauren Steffani, Maplehurst Elementary; second, Sarah Smith, Greenfield Elementary; third, Laura Gravenhorst, Monroeville Elementary.

Grade Four: first, Neely Parsons, New London Elementary; second, Delaney Peterson, Pleasant Elementary; third, Dylan DeWitt, Shumaker Elementary.

Grade Five: first, Morgan Rarick, Monroeville Elementary; second, Sterling Ryan Smith, Greenfield Elementary; third, Cheryl Lynn Bergman, New Haven Elementary.

Grade Six: first, Madelynn Jean Long, Greenfield Elementary; second, Hagen Thomas Blanton, Richmond Elementary; third, Jacob Gerber, Monroeville Elementary.

Grade Seven: first, Emily Joy Sparks, South Central Junior High School; second, Arika Speicher, Monroeville High School.

Grade Eight: first, Amanda Lynn Kesner, Monroeville High School; second, Jessica Brecht, South Central Junior High School.

Non-Public Schools

Grade One: first, Meghan Hedrick, Norwalk Catholic School; second, Ryan Watt, St. Joseph School; third, Elle Swander, Immaculate Conception School.

Grade Two Cursive: first, Sarah Hosang, Immaculate Conception School.

Grade Two Manuscript: first, Emily Baker, Norwalk Catholic School; second, Blake Anderson, St. Joseph School.

Grade Three: first, Colton Barclay, Celeryville Christian School; second, Jamie Ellen Fritz , Norwalk Catholic Schools; third, Elaina Eskins, Immaculate Conception School.

Grade Four: first, Danny Dietrich , Norwalk Catholic School; second, Austin Tank, Celeryville Christian School; third, Adrian Schaffer, St. Joseph School.

Grade Five: first, Victoria DeLee Smith, St. Joseph School; second, Shannon Elizabeth Hainline , Norwalk Catholic School.

Grade Six: first, Laura Marie Danhoff, Celeryville Christian School; second, Lydia Kayleen Leber, St. Joseph School; third, Macie Corrine Ott , Norwalk Catholic Schools.

Grade Seven: first, Hayden Robert Pierce, St. Joseph School.

Grade Eight: first, Regina Doss, St. Joseph School.

Grand National Champion

1995 Thomas Landis, grade four, New London Local Schools.

Huron County National Winners

1993 Brittan Gildenmeister, grade four, Bellevue City Schools.

1993 John Murdock, grade six, Western Reserve Local Schools.

1995 Lindsay Ralston, grade two, Norwalk City Schools.

1996 Rance Smith, grade one, Willard City Schools.

2005 Leah Schwinn, grade four, New London Local Schools.

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