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Green to face Weirauch, Latta

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:02 PM

Independent John F. Green has thrown his hat in the race to replace Paul Gillmor (R-Tiffin) in the 5th congressional district, but voters will have to remember his name to cast a vote for him.

Green filed to be a write-in candidate with the Wood County Board of Elections so only the names of Democrat Robin Weirauch and Republican Robert Latta will be printed on ballots.

Green, who lives in Napoleon, has a Web site with his political views at johnfgreen4congress.com. Green said the economic growth of the United States for its first 124 years has never been matched by any country in recorded history.

For a return to that economic prosperity, Green said he needs to accomplish the three main objectives of his campaign — abolish the 16th Amendment, change the 17th Amendment and eliminate the federal reserve banking system.

He also wants to abolish federal income taxes allowed in the 16th Amendment and instead rely on sales taxes.

“It is insane to tax one’s incentive to work,” he said on the site. “Congress must ask the voter for his money and only charge for services the voter may want to buy.”

Green would also like to change the 17th Amendment so that state legislatures would appoint U.S. senators.

“Do you think the New York Legislature would appoint ‘Slippery Hillary Clinton,’ a carpet bagger from Illinois and former governor’s wife from Arkansas, to the U.S. Senate from New York?,” he wrote. “Give some power back to the states that gave some of the power to the national government in the first place.”

Green also said he would try to eliminate the federal reserve banking system. He said the system creates inflation for the public.

According to his site, Green doesn’t believe Congress should pass any laws or create any programs regarding health care, free drugs, pension plans such as Social Security or education.

“How can Congress pass laws in these areas when it’s not in Article 1, Section 8’s job description?” he asked on the site.

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