Fun Zone now open

Aaron Krause • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:52 PM

HURON TOWNSHIP — Robin and Michael Kennedy, as well as Raynelle Reynolds, feel they have just the place to give area residents a place to gather in an intimate, affordable and safe setting: The Fun Zone, the area’s newest arcade/eatery that opened Saturday and is preparing for its grand opening Sept. 8. The event, beginning at 11 a.m., will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony and the girl band G-Force.

“We’ve been working on this place for a long time so I’m very excited,” said Reynolds, of Greenwich.

The 12,000 square-foot facility, at 7620 Milan Road, about a quarter of a mile south of Kalahari, features ticket redemption games, various food and snack items, a high-definition flash screen television and more.

“It’s a do-it-all place,” said Robin Kennedy, of Monroeville.

The safety aspect is covered by arm bands. Children arriving with adults will be given the same color arm bands; an adult with a different color than a child will not be able to leave with a youngster.

Currently, there are 32 ticket redemption games, where players receive a tickets based on how they do. They can exchange the tickets for prizes depending on how many tickets they’ve earned.

Games such as skee-ball, basketball, Wheel of Fortune, and Dance Dance Revolution currently are available and a Kennedy said she wants to add at least one more each month. There also is a bounce zone.

While other area establishments have similar games, Kennedy said she wants to gear Fun Zone more toward area residents. A place like Kalahari, by contrast, usually is crowded with tourists.

Kennedy said she wants to become involved with the community. For example, the Fun Zone’s co-owners are planning Halloween and New Year’s Eve parties for kids and fundraisers, where 5 percent of the business’ profits would go to area schools.

Kennedy said she feels the various food items are reasonably priced. A large pizza, for instance, costs $12.50, a deluxe one $16.99 and six wings $4.99. For $48.99, patrons can buy two large pizzas with two toppings, two pitchers of refillable soda and 100 tokens.

Let the fun begin.

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