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Family wishes she would make zucchini casserole more often

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

WILLARD — Brittany Stockmaster, 14, wishes her mother would make her zucchini casserole more than once a month.

Her 11-year-old brother, Jared, has the same wish, but estimated his mother makes the dish only once every five months.

There’s good news: Zucchini is in season now and their mother, Belinda Stockmaster, said this week’s featured recipe is easy to make.

“It’s a good way to use it up,” the rural Willard cook said.

Stockmaster usually makes beef and noodles if there’s unexpected company. Her potluck special is dessert.

“I made pecan chiffon cake for the last gardening club meeting. That was an angel food cake. That’s a big cake and I only brought home two pieces,” she said.

Besides her hobbies of cooking and reading, Stockmaster is an avid bird watcher. She also has been a member of the Attica Garden Club since 2002. She was recently nominated to be the vice president.

“I feed orioles all summer,” she said. “They eat grape jelly. I usually go through three jars each summer. I’m (now) on my fourth jar.”

Stockmaster considers her best recipe to be lemon pepper chicken, also her daughter’s favorite.

Chicken is one of the meals Stockmaster makes most often, she said, “because we always have chicken in the freezer.”

Call it bad karma, but she recalled her biggest cooking disaster also involved chicken when she fried it using “old” chicken.

“Old chicken you have to cook for a long time, like in a crock pot. New chicken you can do anything with,” Stockmaster explained. “I didn’t know the difference.”

The mishap with the fried “old” chicken happened when she and her husband Michael were newlyweds.

“It was so tough you couldn’t eat it off the bone,” Stockmaster said. “We ended up giving it to the dog. He was happy.”

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