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FTMC volunteers log almost 41,000 hours

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:48 PM

During the 31st annual FTMC Volunteer Recognition Luncheon banquet at the Shady Lane Caf, Thomas C. Bleile, chairman of FTMC's Board of Directors, commended volunteers for making a difference.

"Volunteers touch lives in nearly every department of the Medical Center. Your comfort, dedication and willingness to give are so inspiring" Bleile said.

To recognize the 40,738 hours of volunteer-time donated in 2006, Fisher-Titus Medical Center honored 74 volunteers with special awards for achieving milestones ranging from 100 hours to 11,000 hours of volunteer service.

Top honors went to Adela Gordon, who received an 11,000 Hour Award; Alice Bores and Joan Cole, who both were honored with 7,000 Hour Awards; and Doris Bader and Helen Bauer, who were presented 6,000 Hour Awards.

Seven volunteers achieved 5,000 Hour Awards and include Maryann DeLong, Joyce Gubesch, Annabelle Hespeler, Ann Keith, Eleanor Knadler, Virginia Light and Ruth Wilhelm

Volunteers Florence Felter, Virginia Keefer and Ann Obermiller received 4,000 Hour Awards and Gloria Vogt, Dorothy Volcheck and Joanne Waugh received 3,000 Hour Awards. In addition, 2,000 Hour Awards were given to Lillie Cook, Nancy Harmon, Dorothy Hershey, Clifford Hosack, Robert Krupp, Maralyn Long and Casey Rupp.

Barbara Churchill, Rosemary Hansen, Leo Smith, Donna White and Patricia Wolf received 1,000 Hour Awards. Volunteers who achieved 500 Hour Awards include: Vera Albright, Ellen Beadle, Janice Bowen, David Caprara, Charles Chaffin, Thomas Clark, Mabel Gorsuch, Marilyn Hardy, Andy Kirkpatrick, Carol Owens, Virginia Pocock, Jeanette Robinson, David Russell, Patricia Wolf, Clara Weisenberger and Donna White.

100 Hour Awards were given to Yvonne Bowers, Lisa Burtcher, Ann Cerny, Linda Damron, Jake Fowler, Nancy French, Gail Gray, Dorothy Green, Brittany Hartley, Marjean Hohler, Teresa Lane, Gisela Legg, Christia McGlothlin, Marie Mills, Corrine Opper, Richard Reser, Christine Routh, Sally Shenberger, Meta Tenteris, Tiffany Wade, Diane Wiles, Karyn Wilhelm, Kenneth Wilhelm, Martha Wink and Nicole Ruffing.

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