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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:50 PM

South Central FFA

GREENWICH On March 10, South Central FFA members participated in the Marysville State Judging Contest Invitational.

Garrett VerBurg participated in the equine Management contest in which he had to judge mares, stock horses, identify western tack, identify types of feed and take a written exam. As an individual, Garrett placed 224th out of more than 300 participants. Kenneth Clagett and Sam Kennard participated in the agronomy Contest where they had to identify plants, seeds, insects and plant diseases and take a written test. As an incomplete team they were competitive placing 21st against teams from all over the state. Chris Morgan, Jordan Ryerson and Brittany Downs competed in the General Livestock Judging Contest. They judged classes of sheep, hogs, and cattle and completed an evaluation section. They placed 68th.

The following students participated in both wildlife and nature interpretation. Ty Stephens, Theo Bacon, Lance Isaac and Dustin York. In Wildlife they had to identify game birds, mammals, and fish and complete an equipment practicum. The team placed 19th. In nature interpretation they had to identify non game birds, wild flowers, mammals, reptiles and equipment. They placed 12th.

Payton Oney, Noah Beck and Maggie Bacon participated in the Dairy Cattle judging contest where they judged cows and heifers and also had to complete a linear evaluation and pedigree questionnaire. The team placed 19th in the state with Payton Oney placing 26th individually. Robert Gannett, Cory Isaac, Frank Gannett, Joe Pennell, and Emily Krikke participated in the poultry judging contest. They had to judge laying hens and broilers, identify defects in ready to cook carcasses, the interior and exterior of eggs, futher processed poultry and carcass parts.

The team placed third at this state invitational with Frank Gannett placing sixth individually, Robert Gannett eighth and Cory Isaac 12th.

Joe Pennell

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