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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:58 AM

n SouthCentral FFA

GREENWICH — When judging the soil students are mainly looking for texture, depth, erosion, slope, and drainage. The rural judging team consisted of Kevin Poth, Chris Morgan, Frank Gannett, Theo Bacon, Maggie Bacon, Abby Hord, Jared Poth, Joe Pennell and head coach Mr. Chaffee.

The urban judging team consisted of Robert Gannett, Owen Baker, Ryan Thomas, Lance Isaac, Justin Twary, Garrett Verburg, Heath Handshaw, Austin Boudinot, head coach Mrs. Lucha and helper Cory Staniford.

Both the rural and urban teams received first place. Individually in the urban team Heath placed first, Austin placed ninth, Lance placed fourth, Justin placed sixth, Garrett placed third and Robert placed seventh. Individually in the rural team, Frank placed first, Chris placed second, Theo placed third, Maggie placed fourth, Kevin placed fifth, Joe placed sixth, Jared placed seventh and Abby placed eighth.

— Joe Pennell, reporter  

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