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Ex-principal to be paid until August

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:51 PM

SHILOH - Former Shiloh Elementary School Principal Fayette Adams will remain on administrative leave, with full pay and benefits, until her employment with the Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools ends in August, the school board announced Tuesday.

The board voted unanimously to sign a severance agreement with Adams, who was placed on leave March 7 while the school board investigated allegations she engaged in sexual conduct with another adult on school property, Superintendent James Metcalf said.

Adams has denied the charge.

"Considering the law and having to go to court, this is the best way to remove her from the school," board member Ann Ford told the Mansfield News Journal. "There is no guarantee in the courts, and the expenses are tremendous."

Only four people attended the special meeting, in contrast to the past three emotionally-charged school board meetings.

"I'm not happy with this agreement," Shiloh resident Margaret Oney told the News Journal . "I think I can speak for a lot of people, and they will be really upset. I think If we are paying her wages, she should do some work like helping the janitors."

This time the board announced an agreement between attorneys for the school district and Adams.

The deal specifies that:

Adams does not admit guilt.

Adams will continue to receive her salary and benefits until August.

The final two years of Adams' contract are negated.

If contacted by prospective employers, the district will make no mention of the sexual conduct allegation against Adams or the resulting investigation.

No report of alleged wrongdoing or the investigation will be placed in Adams' personnel file.

If Adams files for unemployment compensation, the district will not contest it.

The preamble of the deal states the reasons for signing the agreement are to avoid a long and costly court battle and to remove the controversy that has distracted the school district from its function of educating children.

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