Evidence lacking in probe of cops

Cary Ashby • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:50 PM

Norwalk Law Director Stuart O'Hara said this morning he has determined there is "insufficient evidence to sustain a finding probable cause that any criminal activity occurred" in the case of suspected misconduct of two Greenwich officers.

The two full-time officers were accused of providing alcohol to two people over the age of 18, but under 21, during a May 27 incident at a Greenwich home when they were off-duty. Both men, hired part-time in 2004 and 2003, kept their jobs since the allegations came to light late last month.

"They came over to the guy's house to watch a professional wrestling pay-per-view (match)," O'Hara said. "They were off-duty when all this occurred."

The two officers have admitted to drinking while at the acquaintance's home, but denied providing alcohol to an underage person, O'Hara said. The prosecutor explained that originally, the men were accused of serving alcohol to two people under 18, "but there was no evidence to support that."

Two girls at the Greenwich resident's home at the time were under 21. One of them was the homeowner's girlfriend.

O'Hara said he didn't find the statement from one of the underage girls credible. He said there was no evidence to support her allegation that the officers provided her with alcohol.

The most basic reason for a finding of insufficient evidence was conflicting evidence, O'Hara said, specifically what people were saying. The prosecutor said he took into consideration the witnesses' credibility, their "past history," their opportunity to actually see what occurred and their motivation for lying or telling the truth.

There were six people interviewed who were eyewitnesses and two or three more O'Hara called "hearsay witnesses."

O'Hara was brought in as a special prosecutor last week after Greenwich Mayor Gary Sprague and Greenwich Law Director Steve Palmer reviewed the matter. Sprague, who couldn't be reached for comment today, had said he would handle things if the case "came down to simple discipline."

Craig was unavailable for comment today.

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