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Even at our ripe-old age, we still know mom was right

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:01 PM

"I recently noticed a custom in our family which goes back a long time," said the historian, as members took seats at their coffee location of the day. "When we first got married my lovely missus took it upon herself to wash any new clothes before we wore them.

"My notion at that time was that if they are new they are clean. Mom did the same thing as my wife. For me, just go ahead put them on, then wash them as needed following the first wearing. Then you are saving by getting the first washing and ironing done for free by the manufacturer.

"I really had forgotten about her procedure until the other day when she asked me for my new birthday shirt so she could wash and iron it for the first wearing. After serious thought, I have finally realized my attitude toward the inaugural laundering needed to be adjusted in this day and age. Why?

"Because it used to be when I wore a new shirt from the Arrow Company, for example, I knew it was made in New England or North Carolina. Mr. Arrow and James Cash Penney would vouch for it being clean.

"Today it may come from a far-away slum sweatshop in the Orient where mysterious tropical diseases lurk. So washing it up seems like a prudent activity after all.

"As usual, Mom was right."

Next was a rare and surprising testimonial for President Bush by McBeane, the accountant.

"At last I have seen some action by a national politician to curb spending. Lord knows our president has driven this country to the verge of bankruptcy.

"Many Democrats were elected because they railed against pork spending in appropriations bills. But look what happened.

"Republican Congressman Ralph Regula stuck in over a hundred thousand to support a museum about first ladies. Sound OK so far, maybe? But his daughter is the director and Mrs. Regula helps run the place according to newspaper reports.

"Democrat Representative Wrangel of New York won't get the two million he wanted for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service. Just reading this should say it all.

"That's just a sample. Can you imagine the extent of the pork in the whole bill?

"But the grand total is down from last years'. Maybe we should give the Dems credit for some effort. Perhaps a grade of about D would do. After all, the piggy total was reduced from the previous earmark figure of 1.3 billion to a mere one billion. We may start talking about real money soon."

"But this time of the year we must again focus on those things we should be thankful for," added the philosopher.

"Like those brave servicemen and women who are willing to forfeit part or maybe all of their future because their country asks them to.

"Like parents whose past sacrifices made a better life for their kids.

"Like the guys who framed our Constitution even though it has been twisted by selfish members of our national administration.

"We still have freedoms which are weathering attacks by those who would take them from us...foreign, domestic or selfishly greedy.

"We still get to vote although this too has wavered as men and machines have shown unsteadiness which breeds cynicism on the part of younger Americans."

"Maybe it sounds a bit simple. I shall always remember those military cooks who found a way to get those hot Thanksgiving turkey dinners to the dirty and tired troops in the field," declared Doberman. "Bless them all."

Remember to give thoughts and prayers to those who serve their country.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cheap Coffee Club.

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