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E.C. Farm Bureau salutes education

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:19 PM

HURON - Promoting agriculture and teaching others where their food comes from is what the Erie County Farm Bureau saluted this past year. At the recent annual banquet in Huron, they honored several individuals for education.

The whole evening was about education as Joe Trinter was awarded a $ 1,000 scholarship for college. He will be attending The Ohio State University to major in ag engineering. Anne Bickley, a teacher at a school in Erie County was named "Teacher of the Year" as she helped Farm Bureau bring agriculture education into her classroom throughout the 2006-2007 school year. David Wolf, a art teacher at Edison High School, was honored for his artistic talents as his painted the Erie County miniature barn for Erie County Farm Bureau. Each county farm bureau across the state has a representative work of art each year at the Ohio State Fair, that represents each respective county. Wolf painted Erie Counties barn and it won the state fairs queens award.

The featured speakers for the evening included Gail Hogan, the host, from the Ohio Farm Bureau TV show "Our Ohio" and Cara Lawson, promotion specialist from Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. They spoke about how the agriculture promotional show has helped to educate the general public about where their food comes from. They highlighted numerous segments and told those in attendance that "you as farmers need to help educate the public about what you do and how you produce such a safe and cheap food source."

She went on to say how agriculture effects everyone's lives and that you need to share your passion of farming with others. The television show has had 64 episodes thus far and is currently working on 28 new shows.

Other speakers included Erie County's own Sparky Weilnau, an OFBF state trustee and Gail Betterly, OFBF Women's representative state trustee. They both gave updates from the state level on the changes that farm bureau is making to make the organization better at the county and state levels.

Nine committee chairpersons where all honored for their respective committees as they received nine star awards all together, they included: Tadd Smith, government affairs, Bruce Thayer, safety, Kathy Gastier, advisory councils and young farmers, John Hartman, information, Diana Welch, membership and nationwide, Elnora Sargeant and Cindy Thayer, promotion and education, Tim White, ag ecology and John Wallrabenstein, policy development.

Board members being re-elected at the meeting included: Duane Stotz, John Hartman, Cindy Thayer, Marshall Smith and Charles Hummel Sr. Two delegates for the 2008 annual Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting, that will represent Erie County will include Charles Hummel Sr. and John Wallrabenstein.

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