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Drug testing could help save students trouble

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:49 PM

I am writing this to voice my opinion about the random drug testing issue that has been discussed the last couple weeks. I, for one, am all for the issue, as my son plays sports for Norwalk High. I have overheard some conversations he has had with other classmates and it shocked me as to what is going on in the high school and the amount of people that seem to be turning their heads to what is happening. I have heard of the possible use of steroids, smoking pot and other drugs along with alcohol.

My personal history is that I was a DOPE FIEND for 25 years. I started drinking from my fathers left over kegs at the tender age of 8, and from there I self medicated on alcohol till I was 20, when a doctor told me if I did not quit drinking I would die. So from there, I turned to drugs. If there had been drug and alcohol testing back in my day there's a chance I would have not gone down that dead end road.

Thankfully I have turned my life around and become a responsible part of this society since I got off that stuff. But, I wasted 25 plus years wandering around in the dark thinking I was indestructible. I give a lot of credit to my mother for the tough love, my two boys for sticking with me through some very tough times and the many people that helped me through those very dark days.

So, I am in agreement with the majority of the citizens in Norwalk about having random drug testing in the high school. But, most definitely, for the athletes who participate in extra curricular activities. By doing this testing it will keep the athletes honest and also keep them from going down the wrong path as so many have done before them.

Randy Alvord


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