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Don't let drugs take our kids; attend Norwalk school board meeting today

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:49 PM

In recent events:

• Students are stating "it is easier to tell you who doesn't do drugs and/or have sex than who does."

• A court reporter said heroin use per person in Huron County is one of the highest rates in Ohio.

• High school graduates have written letters to the editor, stating how bad it was in 2001.

• Judge McGimpsey said the community needs to "pay attention" because "heroin is running rampant."

• Criminals admit to committing crimes to support their addictions/habits.

Norwalk City Schools have a morality problem, and the school board has the power to help parents and students fight it, so why haven't they made a decision?

For more than a decade, the writing has been on the wall about these problems and the board has yet to make a decision. Now heroin is the drug of choice among our youth, (and perhaps our adults also).

How about showing the world that Norwalk won't accept the drug culture infiltrating our community on any level?

Maybe it is time we stop being so concerned about infringing on our children's rights and teaching them what is right. We need to stop wondering what they will become and start teaching them to become someone of dignity. If parents and educators would show more "tough love" by allowing a little less freedom and a little more fear of God, I bet they will take life and their education a lot more seriously.

I urge you to attend the next school board meeting at 7 p.m. today in the NHS media room. If we as parents, and a community, choose not to make a decision, then we actually make one that says "Oh well, who cares?" Let's set the standard of investing in our kids — they are our future, and their education is essential to it.

You know, I see signs that state: "Norwalk is a kids' place." Should they be changed to "Norwalk's lack of concern took our kids' place"? You decide.

Shannon Kiser


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