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Candidates - Wakeman Council

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:59 AM

Marilyn J. Dillon

Age: 57

Family: I have been married for almost 36 years to Russell Dillon Sr. and have three children, two son-in-laws and one beautiful granddaughter.

Address: 39 Pearl St., Wakeman

Occupation: A Registered Nurse with local hospitals in the surrounding communities over a 30 year period. 15 years as a Registered Nurse at the Erie County Board of MR/DD.

Education: A graduate of MB Johnson S of N, Eyria, Oh and of Toledo University with a Bachelors of Education, focus School Nursing.

Previous Public Service: 3 1/2 years as Wakeman Village Council

Why did you decide to run: Each one of us has learned about civic responsibility throughout our school years. We have the ability to do this in many different ways. How we choose to participate it is not only a freedom that we possess it is a duty. This past year I had the opportunity to speak with the third graders at Western Reserve about leadership in civic duty. They renewed my optimism for the future generations. I want to do my part to keep Wakeman fiscally fit and the community socially responsible for all its residents.

What do you see as the top three concerns facing your constituents:

Wakeman is a small village with the same requirements as a large city for providing services to its residents. We must provide water and sewer. We are guided by the Revised Code and the Ohio EPA mandates. Therefore it costs the village to train our individuals, to do daily maintenance, to provide services when extenuating circumstances arise, and to replace and repair the system as needed. One of the biggest risks to our water system is the line that runs beneath Vermilion River to service the East End of town. Should we experience a break or leakage of water in that line, we would be faced with a major blow to our budget.

The second most challenging issue is bringing knowledge to the residents of the community so that they understand what is happening when decisions are made.

Finally, I think the next challenge is to create enthusiasm in the community so that the residents become involved in the issues that are being dealt with by the council. Kathleen Frey

Age: Not provided

Family: 3yr old son, 6 yr old daughter, married

Address: 50 River St, Wakeman

Occupation: Independent Creative Memories Consultant for 5 years

Education: Elyria Catholic graduate in 2000; Partial degree in mechanical engineering from Marion Technical College

Previous Public Service: None listed.

Why did you decide to run: I have learned a lot within the last year of being on Council of what makes up local government in a small village like Wakeman. I really do believe in the power that local government has when it works effectively. I am running for this council seat again because I believe that Wakeman is a special place as it exists now, and can continue to grow in the future but only with the right leadership and dedication. This village learned the hard way about budgeting, finances, and cutbacks and it is important to move forward from this now while being sure to not return to those circumstances.

What do you see as the top three concerns facing your constituents: I believe that the biggest issue that this village is facing is the condition of our water lines. With the growth that Wakeman is experiencing it is absolutely necessary to improve this system with as little cost to our residents as possible. It is not fair to the village residents to spend tax dollars continuously repairing lines which are costly and we know need to be replaced. We have started to implement changes to better equip ourselves to start replacing the entire system as needed but this plan will need close attention and action to make it worth the villages time that has already been spent. Our water department must run in the black and we must make upgrades to the system. James A. Mormon

Age: 35

Family: I have been married to my wife Elizabeth for 12 years, we have three children Edward, age 9, Jessica, age 7, and Bethany, age 4. My mother-in-law Judy Moats also lives with us.

Address: 25 Clark St., Wakeman

Occupation: I own the Morman Funeral Home in Wakeman and the Morman-Hinman-Tanner Funeral Home in Berlin Heights.

Education: I have a Bachelor of Mortuary Science degree from the Cincinnati Collge of Mortuary Science.

Previous Public Service: I currently serve on the Wakeman Zoning Board of Appeals.

Why am I seeking this position: As a father of three who also owns a business here in Wakeman, I am committed to making sure that Wakeman prospers for both its citizens and its businesses.

Top three issues for the office: First, before we pass new legislation, we need to make sure that the current ordinances are being enforced consistently and properly. Second the village needs a incentive package for those who wish to start new businesses or developments in town. Lastly we need to make sure our police department has the tools and resources to do its job, so that our families and our businesses are safe. Chuck Moore

Age: 77

Family: Wife Nancy; six sons living in Florida, Georgia and Texas

Address: 11 North St., Wakeman

Occupation: middle school teacher in Florida, Korean War veteran, four years in U.S. Navy

Education: attended Broward Community College in Florida, earned a B.S. degree from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton

Previous Public Service: Building and zoning inspector, four years as village council member, Fire Board member

Why did you decide to run: When one is elected to public office, he or she must realize they are a servant of the people. As mayor, one must be accessible to the people. Problems do not occur only one evening a month. A good leader should be prepared to look into solving these problems 24/7.

I intend to be accessible and do my best to help solve the village's problems, working together with the village council.

Wakeman, as other villages do, is putting their trust in elected officials. I have no intention of violating that trust.

What do you see as the top three concerns facing your constituents: Good leadership; accessiblity; open-door policy; full-time mayor as opposed to part-time; and work with as well as for the people. Stanley K. Wolfe

Age: N/A

Family: Wife Debra; children Cassandra, 21, and Tristan, 17

Address: 66 Pleasant St., Wakeman

Occupation: elected to two terms as Wakeman mayor, rank of captain in Wakeman

Education: graduate of Western Reserve High School, graduate of Sandusky police officers training program

Previous Public Service: two terms as mayor, two terms on village council, Huron County Sheriff Deputy

Why did you decide to run: Commitment to continue working for the citizens, keepour our village beautiful and safe for our families

What do you see as the top three concerns facing your constituents: I will continue water line replacement as funds are available, continue exploring ways to save more tax payer money and continue working to develop our village. I will continue to be fair and remain consistent in representing all village residents. EDITOR'S NOTE: Larry Cancel and Chris Hipp did not return candidate questionaires sent to them by the Reflector.

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