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Candidate Profiles - Norwalk Council

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:59 AM

Stephen Euton

Age: 48

Family: married with three daughters

Phone: (419) 668-9988

Address: 3 Joel Way

Occupation: currently operations manager for Norwalk district of Verizon, employed by Verizon/GTE for 27 years

Education: Associate degree in applied sciences from Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio; completing last class for B.A. in business administration from City University in Bellevue, Washington

Previous Public Service: seven terms, 14 years, on Norwalk City Council

Why did you decide to run: Norwalk is a great place to live. I would like to continue to utilize my talents and skills to help the City and give back to the community. I have been on council for 14 years, I will use this experience to make the best possible decisions for the City and the residents.

What do you see as the top three concerns facing your constituents: 1) Budget and Finance - work to understand all sides of the issues to make the best decisions. Focus on not raising taxes higher than they are currently.

2) EPA mandates for water treatment and sewage treatment - The current mandates which the City are working to comply with are extremely expensive. Focus on understanding the issues and obtaining finance options with as little impact to the water users and the tax payers.

3)Safety Forces - focus on making sure we have the staffing, equipment, and facilities for current and future needs of the city, with as little impact as possible to the tax base. Christopher C. Mushett

Age: 54

Family: Sons Andrew, 29, and Brett, 27, and daughter Alison, 23

Phone: (419) 668-9433

Address: 60 Jefferson St.

Occupation: Huron county Juvenile & Probate Court Administrator, previously served as probation officer and group home

Education: 1971 graduate of St. Paul High, 1975 graduate of Michigan State University with a B.S. in education

Previous Public Service: Currently completing third term as fourth ward city council representative for Norwalk City Council

Why did you decide to run: As nearly a life-long resident of the fourth ward, I am very familiar with the people and the issues. In addition to the more publicized issues addressed at council meetings, I most enjoy helping my constituents resolve their smaller, more direct problems requiring city intervention.

What do you see as the top three concerns facing your constituents: 1) Meeting unfunded and underfunded mandates (i.e. EPA) currently involving our water and wastewater treatment systems. Will continue to find solutions to find and fund these mandates in the most practical, affordable ways possible.

2) Meeting city infrastructure and other capital improvement needs. Research, study, prioritize these needs and work with city administration and other sources as to how best to proceed and fund.

3) Economic development/job retention and expansion - continue to work closely with economic development director, local, county, state and federal officials to do what we can. Shane Penrose

Age: 35

Family: Wife Vicki; sons Alex, 9, and Benjamin, 5

Phone: (419) 663-0168

Address: 22 Westwind Dr.

Occupation: Social studies teacher at Sandusky City Schools, Social Studies department chairman, advisor for Model United Nations, athletic study table tutor

Education: 1994 magna cum laude graduate of Bowling Green State University, B.S. in education; currently taking masters classes at BGSU and Ashland University

Previous Public Service: I am seeking a second term on Norwalk City Council for an at-large seat. I serve on the Norwalk City Council Safety Committee, the Norwalk City Council Planning and Zoning Committee, and the Huron County Democratic Central Committee.

Why did you decide to run: Norwalk is my family's home. The best part of representing this community is feeling like I am part of maintaining and improving this community. I am proud to live here, proud to raise our children here, and proud to serve this town.

It is also very comforting to know that the individuals that make up this particular council seem to do a nice job respecting each others opinions. I have had viewpoints that are the mirror opposite of some of my colleagues, yet we have had no problem maintaining respectful debate with no hard feelings. It makes the job much easier.

What do you see as the top three concerns facing your constituents: Norwalk's biggest issues seem, like many communities, to revolve around how to spend what limited resources we have. E.P.A. mandates are projected to cost millions of dollars over the next few years. In addition, deciding which priorities to spend our money on in each department as we look at the Capital Improvement needs will be crucial. People work hard for their money and don't want their tax dollars spent recklessly, but we also have a duty to maintain the quality of life we have come to expect in Norwalk. That means money will have to be continued to be spent on projects like the Cline Street extension and perhaps some significant investment in our fire department among other things.

Bruce Wilde

Age: 51

Family: Wife Patricia, daughter Allison, daughter and son-in-law Bethany and Michael Fork, grandson Caleb Fork

Phone: (419) 668-2766

Address: 153 Norwood

Occupation: Franchisee for Domino's Pizza

Education: 1974 graduate of Norwalk High School, attended Firelands campus of Bowling Green State University

Previous Public Service: Two terms on Norwalk City Council in at-large seat

Why did you decide to run: I want to continue to be part of the process that makes Norwalk the great city it is.

What do you see as the top three concerns facing your constituents: 1) EPA mandates - question is how to fund these projects. With the waste water treatment plant, we are still looking at ways to fund this, but probably user fees.

2) Budgets - As the economy tightens so does income to the city's tax revenue and investment income. The key is to provide services to the citizens and still hold budgets.

3) Drug issues - This is an ongoing problem. We have given out drug kits to parents and had informational meetings for the public.

Thomas John Stoll is running unopposed for the second ward Council seat and Robert S. Carleton is running unopposed for the third ward Council seat. Neither returned a candidate questionnaire.

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