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CHEAP COFFEE CLUB - Here's something for you to fatten up on this summer

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

"Your name came to mind over last weekend," Doberman said as he pointed toward the scribe with his partial cup of coffee. "Over time, we java-drinking friends of yours have made verbal reference to the red, black and blue bruises on the backs of your hands."

"Wait a minute," came the immediate interruption from the scribbler. "You're referring to a common condition among us older folks! It happens because as you get a few decades of birthdays behind you, your skin becomes thinner. This allows bruising to occur easily from bumps and scratches that had no such effect a few years ago."

The old German tried to calm things down a little. "Now, now. Don't get excited. A lot of those little marks happen as a fellow like you works with tools. So I wanted you to know that a famous tool maker, DeWalt, has placed their logo on a handy tool that you should be able to operate without hurting yourself. For the first time I saw a carpenter using this on the job a few days ago. You came to mind at once.

It was a heavily rubber-encased portable radio with a large DeWalt trademark. It was designed to entertain the workmen at their labors. Upon my inquiry, the craftsman said he had it for a number of years. Despite much usage and peril from bumps, he swore that to his recollection no person had ever been damaged by this important, quality tool!

And it made me think of you, because I figured you could operate a real DeWalt product without hurting yourself." There was a bit of group chuckling.

"Speaking of physical changes, it seems to me that since summer days are upon us, some of us may have gained a bit of blubber around the waistline." declared the merchant. "I think I can help identify the cause of this development which plays to a fundamental weakness. It is temptation.

Almost daily, a citizen of our fair county can select from a number of fine meals prepared for sale by civic groups, especially in the summer. Entrees run from spaghetti, to chicken, to fish, to baked steak and beyond. And with the civic and church festivals you often have choices of main dishes frequently prepared in quantity using time-tested family recipes.

And the desserts.....

One of my favorite places serves home-baked pies made from local berries. I pay extra for a second piece... and my belt groans. So does the missus. It is wonderful!

But this delicious, tempting food has a way of sticking to the belly and other nearby parts of the anatomy. Self-control is tested to the breaking point. Antacid mints are carried in the pocket at all times.

It is a marvelous summertime All-American experience."

The historian had the final comment for the day "Here's one to ponder. According to wire service reports in an area paper, the United States has 160,000 troops in Iraq. The same report advises us that, '180,000 civilians, including Americans, foreigners and Iraquis are working in Iraq under U S contracts. Our military personnel are outnumbered.'"

"Uncle Sam must have mighty deep pockets," McBeane concluded.

Remember to keep our men and women who are in harm's way while serving their country, in your thoughts and prayers.

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