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CHEAP COFFEE CLUB - From cable T.V. to combat, CCCers hit hot topics

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:00 PM

"You would think that these guys who are so nasty to each other belong to opposing political clubs," stated McBeane to start the morning. "I can't believe the things they say about their primary opponent in several renditions of multi-colored, slick campaign literature which showed up in our mailbox recently. Frankly, I didn't like it. I think the stuff influenced my vote, but not in the way they intended."

"Well, I think you had to read the fine print a little bit. One bunch of propaganda was paid for by a group from Washington. If you looked carefully you could see that the group took full responsibility for some of things which were said, leaving the candidate off the hook," reminded the historian. "It reminded me of actions taken before when Bush campaigned against John McCain several years ago."

"If someone treats their friends in an offensive way, you wonder how honestly they will treat taxpayers who they hardly know at all," suggested the philosopher.

"Did you ever see how strung out our Congressional District is? It runs from the Indiana border to somewhere a bit east of Huron County. And about one county wide... except in western Ohio where it is a few counties wide. It's a wonder we saw our former representative as often as we did." mentioned the merchant.

"Iraq left the vocabulary of both of those guys you mentioned, you may have noticed. Not a word. No guts, I say," growled Doberman. "And immigration was not far behind. They insult my limited intelligence by hammering their positions on mostly emotional issues again and again.

I think it's a Cheap Coffee Club Number Four which means they think it's all we want to hear about."

"Well, round one of the next election cycle is concluded," observed the merchant. "Thanks and hooray for those who work at the polls. It makes a long day for them. But it is very important for our American election system.

Finding folks who are willing to put in more than a 12-hour day is not easy. I wonder why there can't be two shifts of workers. You know, some from early in the day, overlap about noon, with the second shift finishing up. The supervisors might have to be the same all day."

"I think a door closer would have been welcome at our polling place. The front door did not close securely and would swing wide open to let that cold wind inside. Workers were dashing to close it a couple of times while the missus and I were voting," McBeane added.

"Please let me shift away from this hot topic and turn to something important to us all," requested the cynic. "I want someone to tell me why two major communication companies send their bills in envelopes which have the sealed edge on the bottom. I usually fail to note this before a frustrating attempt to open the top.

I have asked the kind and patient ladies at one of the businesses and they don't know why it is that way." No one had an answer to this vital inquiry.

"All of this probably explains why we didn't get the full Ohio State football schedule on T.V. this year," suggested the merchant. "Any small wagers about how it will be next year?"

Silence reigned. Except for Doberman who had a question. "I wonder how long it is before our present provider's franchise comes up for renewal by our city decision makers."

The solemn philosopher spoke last. "I want to point out a grim, sad statistic from our government. 2007 is the deadliest year of the war. Combat deaths so far, as of 11/06/07 are 852; total 3,855. Combat wounded; 28,400.

Keep those who serve our country in your thoughts and prayers.

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