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CHEAP COFFEE CLUB - Best wishes Nancy and Everett from Cheap Coffee Club

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:57 AM

CCC's historian took the floor right away. "I wanted to say just a little more about the staff of former Congressman Gillmor. You may already know that every Tuesday morning someone from his staff has come to a little office in the Shady Lane complex. That person talked with whoever came in the door.

And they tried to help.

It didn't matter whether it was a problem with a government agency, the congressman's vote on an issue or just to order a flag which had flown over our nation's capitol for a special friend as I did. You were treated with competent concerned attention and respect.

In particular, I remember two of these folks. I saved their business cards.

On duty frequently was Nancy Lehman from Fremont who served as district aide and service academy liaison. She is a kind, considerate person whom you would like to meet.

But it was former artilleryman Everett M. Woodel, Jr, a young fellow who lives in Port Clinton, whom I first met on my way to a meeting. I have known him longer. We used to talk about the military some. It was an outstanding new message when he told me about circumstances when that big, two-rotor helicopter lowered a 105 howitzer to waiting "Red Legs," (Civil War terminology for artillerymen, do you know why?). An electrical grounding strap from the Chinook has to contact the earth first. It turns out that the whirly bird created so much static electricity that a serious, sometimes fatal shock could occur to the ground crew.

He helped with a concern I had about a government agency. And he answered questions which old guys think of."

"What happens to these folks when the replacement is elected?" inquired McBeane. "Do they still have jobs?"

"I was told that Dec. 10, 2007 is their final day of employment," was the reply. "It seems to me that maybe some have valuable experience which could prove helpful to the new person; especially if they are from the same party."

"Since we are on the far Eastern end of our Congressional District, I believe we need this once-a-week office as a way to stay in touch with the people, I sure hope the new person keeps such a contact here in our county seat," urged the philosopher.

Best wishes Nancy and Everett.

"Speaking of wishes," announced the merchant, "I noticed the other day that one of our large stores has already sprouted yellow extension cords from the ceiling. They extend to the Christmas tree display. Yes, I said Christmas tree. I suppose it works real well to keep shoppers from tripping over them.

But good grief, it isn't even Halloween or Thanksgiving yet! Remember when there used to be a considerable fuss when the commercial side seemed to get too close to Dec. 25. It worked pretty well that the Christmas stuff came along in close proximity to Thanksgiving.

"When we were younger, early Christmas displays could cause a commotion from our parish priest to Billy Graham."

"Maybe we should find reason to give some more careful thought to this matter. In the light of consideration for various non-Christian religions, our behaviors have been altered here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave," noted the thinker.

"Speaking of the need for careful thought, how would you like to know what transpired in the Barrett household that day when dad got home from Norwalk High School and had a few words with his offspring," suggested the historian.

"Kids do stuff like that every once in a while. I remember when I worked in a school with an older gentleman who was a former China Marine. Tough as nails. One day in class he pulled down a map and unfurled a large photo of a Playboy Bunny," remarked a former teacher.

"Legend has it that he kind of looked the picture over and stated that that wasn't part of the days' lesson, rolled the map back up and went on.

For a definition of 'China Marine,' ask around. They were unique"

"I still worry a lot about our Marines today who are killed or maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan. It concerns me terribly about how easy it is to cross our borders. I wonder about a politician who talks about Leaving No Child Behind ... unless it comes to medical care for millions of them," grumbled Doberman.

Give a thought and prayer to those who serve their country in harm's way.

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